Tivoli Dome Alex, Carlos Cafe
Mustafa Kamel WA Bolkli, Sidi Gaber, Alexandria Governorate, Egypt

Review №1

One of the most beautiful places that you can see in AlexandriaYou will sea the sunset from your place with your cup of coffeeYou will enjoy with your friends or family or anyone.I extremely recommend carlos cafe at any time you will visit AlexandriaYou will enjoy your day

Review №2

Very beautiful view, friendly staff, good service, and good food. Enjoy the hookah!!!

Review №3

Really a beautiful place to meet with friends and family and hang out. So many options to eat, have a drink or a dessert and shisha. Definitely recommend.

Review №4

Perfect view, A perfect place for families, friends and loved ones, I was impressed by the shape, design and location of the place. All the cafes and restaurants overlook the sea. They have indoor and outdoor spaces, and the indoor is suitable for the cold winter.

Review №5

Nice to have a breakfast or dinner in one of the restaurants. Directly on the sea. Nice view ... fresh air.

Review №6

A very nice place in a very nice location with amazing view overlooking the beautiful mediterranean sea. There are a lot of different cafes and restaurants with various options of food and beverages. The place is clean and safe for locals and foreigners. It is suitable for families and individuals. They have a kids area as well. There is a parking for cars.

Review №7

Amazing Place, super views, lots of food varieties, I strongly suggest it.

Review №8

Huge place ...nice cafes and the best thing is the sea

Review №9

It was great experience to visit it, we enjoyed sitting in cafes (Bukharist, Murano) and having dinner. View is amazing as well as side fountains.Also oriental sandwiches were excellent in food trucks.I do recommend it for visitors who are looking for meetings, dinner or enjoying good sunny weather.

Review №10

Tivoli Dome it one of my favorite places in Alexandria ,- A lot of option for café or restaurants- every place you stay it in this area you’ll love it 😍- sunrise 🌅 are amazing 🤩- they have some close areas With air condition if it’s high degrees .- at the winter is full recommend- A lot of café they have ShishaIt’s a perfect place to enjoy with your family and your friends or study or some meeting .

Review №11

Amazing view of the sea.. I recommend you visit early in the morning for breakfast because its less crowded and they play calming fun music out loud. There is a garage right infront of Tivoli dome but the place is abit hard to get to .

Review №12

The best place on el kornish to enjoy brand food on magnificent view on beachYou should visit tivoli dome and if you are craving for chocolate trust dip and dipEnjoy the gush of serotonin

Review №13

Great view and variety of restaurants but facilities like toilets is not very accessible there is long queue all the time

Review №14

Very slow service!!!We left after a drink. Because only the drink takes 40 minutes. In the meantime other guests got faster service. The view is nice!

Review №15

Go to tres bon and get the crunchy dates desert its out of this world

Review №16

Lovely cafe setting many establishments to choose from.

Review №17

Nice open airWell organizedWide parking spaceMany restaurants, I recommend zanilli’s for lunch and cinnabon for dessertA kid’s area, prayer room and bathrooms are available. They respect COVID 29 protective measures.The view is stunning 🤩 . They organize exhibitions every now and then.It was a little crowded today but service was fast.

Review №18

Sunsets always hit different though😍

Review №19

Very in Love with this place! The Sushi was sooo yummy ❤️ and they have many choices for cafe and restaurant. But I choose Zanilli’s, because they will not disappointing their customer. Best chocolate taste love it. Good service, the staff was very polite and helpful 👍🏻

Review №20

Kinda upscale place but fairly crowded... The options are really so many and there are open and closed areas to sit.. Of course the view is awesome in so many ways given that the whole place is right on the coast line.. There is a parking area inside the done.. A bit expensive but no problem if you intend to spend your time for a long enjoyment and a meal. If you like it there is more than one place providing shisha in a clean one time use manner.. Of course its expensive but worth it since the quality is very good. Generally a good hangout if you are young and like open areas and nice service

Review №21

A Nice place to chill out

Review №22

Visited the area an specifically the new bureau of real estate and registration office it was quite col and versatile and the staff their are very welcoming and helpful you get your service in fraction of time means tie us real money .Expensive but you get what you ask for with no hassle no delays.

Review №23

Great location and amazing view.Perfect place to have a meal enjoying an amazing view.

Review №24

Nice place to have a chat with your friendsNice sea viewPrices are over rated in that place.I do not recommend to go there in week ends it will be over crowded.Do not use the inner VIP parking there it will cost 40 EGP while there is another parking across the street that cost 15 EGP in the first hour then 5 EGP for every second hour.

Review №25

Amazing location on the Mediterranean sea, many great restaurants and coffee shops 👌. Too much varieties

Review №26

This place is a totally different experience, you can enter for free and enjoy the sea view and the dancing fountain and take pictures with your friends. And there are clean toilets and rooms for male and female Muslims to pray. Theres the best variety of resturants and cafes to enjoy your day or night. And a safe kids zone to play while parents dine. There are also events and bazaars held on several occasions. And its right in the middle of Alexandria city ❤

Review №27

Very nice and elegant, nearby parkingVery nice variety of coffee shops and restaurantsThe only issue was that electricity went off like 5 times in 3 hours, one of them lasting almost 40 min with no food or beverage working due to kitchens stops and waiters not being able to add orders to the systemOther than this, it is a full star place for family or couples or hanging out with friends

Review №28

Nice view and very good varieties of restaurants and cafésThe place is Not strollers friendly

Review №29

Very nice atmosphere. One of the best views on the Mediterranean Sea. Cozy, chic but still affordable. The restaurants there have a lot of varieties one can choose from. Only the entrance is a little bit annoying as cars and people are entering from the same area.

Review №30

Nice place by the sea to get a coffee, a drink or something to eat .

Review №31

Nice place with good variety between cafes and restaurants and dessertsExcellent viewExpensive parking (40 EGP)Very good place to go

Review №32

Pretty nice place ... it’s not quite finished it’s a Marina ... you can take your wife or a friend for a meal, ice cream, hookah in the evening, no admission to get in if you are working but there’s a fee to take your car inside. Lots of security and very clean.

Review №33

The view is very nice on the sea and there is enough space for parking, the place is quite and beautiful

Review №34

Tje tibi dome in Alex is a great place for the people to enjoy the sunset and night too , lots of variety of restaurants and place to view the sea.The place is very crowded tou must fo early or try to reseve before , so.rwsrourents have minimum charge .

Review №35

What a place. Big screens. Diff restaurants. Nice environment. Over all a good place to hang out

Review №36

Great place with amazing view of the Mediterranean at Alexandria. I was with my high school friends. The atmosphere is amazing and you wil the beauty of my beloved Alexandria the Jewel of the Mediterranean Sea. The service and good was really good and prices were reasonable. You will not regret this experience

Review №37

It says it opens at 8am…I went there at 9am and not even the employees where there!!!I stayed at ayadina restaurant for 1hr… till 10am and no one bothered to come ask what will i have… i called one employee and he said yes coming and he never came!Write the correct time that u actually operate at!

Review №38

Extremely good the food& the view

Review №39

I love tivoli .. I visited 2 of them in cairo and now this one in Alexandria .. all three were great.Clean, calm, people are nice and they have very good restaurants and Cafes inside.The Alexandria one has a magnificent view as a plus.

Review №40

Amazing view, with nice cafes, good place for take coffee or snacks, but not the best place to take your dinner 😉

Review №41

Fantastic place. Notary services are really different, you will get everything done in short time and at ease. I do recommend this place

Review №42

Wonderful place with great views of the sea with side rocks that give you fantastic feelings that free your mind and relieve your stress.

Review №43

Its a good place, view is so beautiful and servers are great

Review №44

Completely avoid on weekends and public Holidays, I would even recommend to avoid the place in summer, extremely crowded with people surfing around not sitting at any place and parking blocking the street as well as a very weird kind of crowd

Review №45

Its an awesome place to have breakfast in it because you have endless variety of food and its even better if youre having lunch but the problem is lunch time is always crowd and sometimes its over crowded so some people may dislike it but i guarantee youll spend a good time during breakfast.

Review №46

Excellent place. Restaurants and cafe, appealing atmosphere, helpful staff, and brilliant service.

Review №47

Great view .. nice place .. prices are quiet expensive + 40 egp for just car parking

Review №48

A must visit when in Alexandria. It has many cuisine options to cater to your needs, and all of this while having a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean.

Review №49

Its a great place with amazing sceneries. Most of the cafes there have good quality food but the pricings are very over budget.

Review №50

Good place to hang out there is security at the entrance so the place is secured very big there are many restaurants and cafes you are guaranteed to find what you look for there and alot of parking places.

Review №51

Love it. I especially liked sitting beside the sea. Youll feel really relaxed with a very good ambiance

Review №52

The new modern people hub in Alexandria, the place is magnificent. A lot of choices for restaurants with a great views. The place is very secured and shiney. Food entry is not allowed and you cant sit in cornish area so you have to pick a restaurant. The place is crowded after 5 PM and you can park for 20 LE. There are a variety of prices and food quality.

Review №53

Premium location. Clean place. Good food. Friendly staff.

Review №54

Place is amazing!The weirdest thing ever is that one of the security guys asked me to stop taking photos because they only allow couple of photos but not more!!!!

Review №55

This place is unique in Alexandria. First place made in this way in Alexandria lots and differnt kind of Restaurats and cafee some of which You can order Shisha. Its a family place that kids will enjoy playing. U can Park your car in there parking area. The view is amazing because its infron of the sea. Try to get there early especially during weakends to find a free table. If you are visiting Alexandria for the first time so put this in your visit list places.

Review №56

Once you smell it you cant resist itCome and enjoy cinnabon at Tivoli Dome - Alexandria#TheTivoliExperienceStop By Jalila at Tivoli Dome - Alexandria to enter into a joyful dinning experience like no other.#TheTivoliExperiencef

Review №57

The place was extraordinary, wonderful view by the Alexandria Mediterranean Corniche, very calming, vast choices of snacks and beverages, kids corner and activities. Beautiful and recommended for families.Great choice for tourists too.

Review №58

Very nice place with an amazing view.Best at sun set

Review №59

Still one of the best choices with excellent sea view. You will enjoy it at normal days more than special occasions as it goes too much crowded.Actually onething isnt good. Shopping kiosks making the place over crowded with random ways to offer products

Review №60

Limited restaurants variety, but very nice view 😀

Review №61

Amazing place inside the seahas a huge parking areamany cafes and restaurantsgreat and relaxingdefinitely going there again when coming to alexandria

Review №62

Very comfy,very good service vast amount of restaurants therefore vast amount of varieties to chose from

Review №63

Amazing place besides the sea to enjoy beautiful times

Review №64

You can take your breakfast there in many restaurants with good survice but some of there with high prices

Review №65

Tivoli Dome Alex is a good place to spend your free time.It offers you varies types of restaurants and Cafes to have a good time.

Review №66

The view is beautiful and relaxing, the wind is always there.although I dont like most of the cafes there but I wont deny this was the most beautiful time I spent during my last visit to Alexandria.A calm place with a beautiful Mediterranean view.

Review №67

Great place with a massive amount of restaurants and not to forget a beautiful view

Review №68

Expensive parking area, very nice sea view, needs more attention for kids needs and families, caffe and restaurants are expensive

Review №69

Nice place with the great view, variety of restaurants

Review №70

Tivoli Dome is a great Place to relax and enjoy your time, see the sea & sound of waves . I love this place.

Review №71

A nice waterfront place with a good variety of restaurants and cuisines in the heart of Alexandria.

Review №72

Various restaurants & cafes, best view in Alx corniche, life is a trip, enjoy 😊

Review №73

Nice viewDelicious food

Review №74

Amazing food and service so nice view

Review №75

View is great BUT...- Not a single cafe/resto has wifi.- Everything is super overpriced with respect to the service and value youre receiving.- Different brands. Different designs. But almost the same food! Burgers, Pizza, Pasta, Sandwiches and fast coffee!I expected to see a Mexican restaurant next to an Italian, followed by a local Egyptian cuisine spot, Greek, Brazilian or Thai shop. But unfortunately, all menus are almost the same.- Toilets are tiny & dirty.My advice is to grab a takeaway cup of coffee from Starbucks or anywhere else, and sip it peacefully anywhere on the beach. It will be much better than coming to this overly commercialized spot.Tasteless, expensive and capitalizing on the beautiful mediterrenean seaview.

Review №76

Nice place with nice view on the see, the ideal to take a coffe or lunch i good company.

Review №77

Very wide variety of restaurants to enjoy your food, with a special lovely see view

Review №78

It is nice place, view and kids area (painting and books). Regular service and quality and all that against high prices.

Review №79

Variety of restaurants and cafes. Staff is super friendly and the food is ok. The view by the sea is remarkable. Prices are very good. The right analogy between quality and price. We had sushi. It took a bit, since there is only one sushi master, but it was fresh and tasty.

Review №80

The view of the sea was beautiful especially at sunset. The bathrooms are very spacious and clean. Overall, a great hangout place

Review №81

Prices need to be rescheduled to be lowerOtherwise its a perfect place❤️😘

Review №82

This is a run away from city into the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea with more than 20 five stars outlet to chose from

Review №83

Good variety of food places, nice view ..

Review №84

- Great atmosphere- Less crowded than other places- Great value for price- No low standard people conquering the place- Cleanliness

Review №85

Lovely location with a great view and a variety of coffee shops, restaurants and kiosks

Review №86

Nice place almost inside the sea with different kinds of restaurants

Review №87

Great location and very good setup. I enjoyed my time there so much.

Review №88

Concrete everywhere 😔 .. but you finally will find a reasonable place to sit with your family.

Review №89

Although that its located on a perfect location on the beautiful sea front of Alexandria, but its very crowded and very noisy because of the horrible music noise coming from all restaurants.Also theres SHEESHA served in every restaurant despite the government rules! Also not hygienic to eat and someone is puffing his smoke of his sheesha next to you.They think that sheesha in open air is ok and will not transmit disease.Also the service is so slow and extremely bad. Very rude and disorganised.Expensive and not good value for money. Horrible food. (I was in the Ayadina restaurant)

Review №90

Great view but high prices

Review №91

Awesome place to hangout and chillit overseas the sea, so fresh air and a more safe environment for hanging out during Covid-19 pandemic.affordable prices , maybe slightly is a bit crowded regardless due to the large area it wont feel like it and it is kind of cozy.Note: They do allow Hooka now so this should be taken into consideration.Also i would advise going without your car as it could take up to 30 minutes in weekends to just enter. (but it is usually not that crowded except in weekends).

Review №92

Nice place , fantastic sea view

Review №93

Parking is chaotic...The level of restaurants/Cafes dropped significantly.Sometime I wonder whos paying for whom when we go to a place to order something.A major decline in everything

Review №94

Very very nice view and location, pricey parking lot.

Review №95

It was very good but never found available front row by the sea.

Review №96

Nice place for night and mid day outing with friends, family and kids. No kids area only space to walk around. Dancing fountain but music not yet working. Only restaurants available as the main activity in the place. No enough green areas. Sea view is nice. Dinner in the sky is nice idea but not yet the best thing in life. Lebanese restaurant (Mais Al Sham) is fake .. don’t try it. Dip&Dip is wonderful as usual but expensive as well.

Review №97

It had both a great mix of great cafes and a perfect setting

Review №98

The view of the sea is spectacular with a very wide range and variety of restaurants and cafes.

Review №99

Nice view, nice weatherBad service, not good value of money if you plan to have some meal. Too much kids and teenagers

Review №100

Very nice place with all varity of restaurants and great design

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4.5 Rating
  • Address:Mustafa Kamel WA Bolkli, Sidi Gaber, Alexandria Governorate, Egypt
  • Site:
  • Phone:+20 128 322 6424
  • Coffee shop
  • Cafe
Working hours
  • Monday:8AM–2AM
  • Tuesday:8AM–2AM
  • Wednesday:8AM–2AM
  • Thursday:8AM–2AM
  • Friday:8AM–2AM
  • Saturday:8AM–2AM
  • Sunday:8AM–2AM
Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeaway:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cosy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
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