Kiteboarding Lessons by Candy Kites
Sharm Residence C20 Villa, South Sinai Governorate 46619, Egypt

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Had an amazing time learning kitesurfing for the first time in my life. My instructor Karina are very professional and really helpful. Loved the small but nice community there. Will definitely com back and learn more lessons with her!

Review №2

The best instructors you can find. After 3 days I was able to ride myself. Huge thank you to the instructors!!!

Review №3

Spent a great seven days at Candy Kites School with Karina and Sergey!Were with my son for 13 years. The son studied with Sergei. I rode.Sergey is a great instructor, detailed and patient. I devoted a lot of time to training the safety of riding. The son has made significant progress. Thanks! Its a pity that our riding time was after all the students, with a kite of 10 or 12 meters, and often there was little wind even on such a kite at the end of the lesson.Another thanks to Sergey for free transportation of equipment to the station and back to the hotel on the first and last day! And Karine, for “saving” my board at depth!The ski area for beginners is a square of shallow water between the piers 300 meters by 300 meters. Usually occupied by students with instructors up to 5 pairs and 2-3 more beginner kiters. Further, deep water begins for another 600 meters to the reef. Its nice that there are not many people on the water - there have never been more than 10-12 people.The wind blows from early morning until lunchtime. Its great that the station is open from 7-30 am!The station has a good storage room, shower, toilet, desalination of equipment, a good seating area and chillout. You can wash and dry the kite in a green meadow on the last day of skiing.On the downside, there is no set of attachments for different kites on the compressor rod, as is usually customary, but just a piece of rubber hose that is put on the rod. Therefore, the pumping of the kite takes a long time, it is difficult to pump up to normal pressure without the necessary skill.The station does not have WIFI, tea or just drinking water, which is also a regular service.Beach fights that help to land and raise the kite are loaded. Sometimes you have to stand with the kite for 1-2 minutes near the shore until you are noticed and planted.In general, we rode great! Thanks!

Review №4

One of the best, if not the best kitesurfing spot in Sharm. The equipment is new, the instructors are Russian speaking, the atmosphere is pleasant. And when they made the headset, its generally beautiful - you get instructions in the process of riding almost immediately to the brain))

Review №5

I trained very well. Thank you for your comprehensive and responsible approach. Sergey is an excellent coach. Recomend for everybody

Review №6

I studied with Karina from 0! And I was very pleased 😌 She explained everything competently, repeated it several times if I did not understand. She answered all my questions. She was very patient and friendly. I am very pleased with her work. I got on the board in a rather short time. to her more than once!

Review №7

REALLY NICE ! unforgettable

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