Sara Advertising
infront of Katameya Heights, 159 St. 28 off, Gamal Abdel Nasser, Cairo Governorate 11835, Egypt

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A completely unprofessional and toxic working environment and a perfect place to ruin your life.I have never left a negative review in my life, but dear me, where do I start?There’s no work-life balance with crazy working hours and no holidays. Having entered the company, you loose yourself with the extremely long meetings of CEO and after that immediate pinging in the group-chat about the status of your task. It’s like you spend more time on group-chats and meetings than the actual work.They care about the quantity of work not the quality of work. You’ll start working at 9 am and you’ll most probably leave at 10 or 11 pm.The top management especially the CEO is so mean and her attitude is horrible and she’ll reveal that as soon as you start working.I don’t recommend this agency for anyone who has dignity and self-respect. 👎🏽

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First, theyre one of the best digital marketing agencies I had dealt with.Second, they have a creative designers and professional staff who can listen to your idea and perform it in the best way.Third, theres a problem mainly in the part of the time management as they deliver the project late, if you will deal with them, give them the time to deliver best quality to you.Merna is the best account manager Ive ever met, she can solve and manage any issue.They are friendly and professional staff even their prices considered high, but you looking for the quality not the price.

Review №3

They are one of the most respectable agencies in Egypt. As i am an fmcg project they are workibg with us for a lond term campaign. The ceo and their team did their best to brand us digitally. As well did all of our branding elements. We really enjoyed working with them. They will do their best not what only we want. Thanks for having as a marketing partner.

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You know the feeling when someone can read your mind and get the idea at the first glance. Thats what i felt when we were discussing about my brand . Truly very experienced team that cares about every detail .Really you guys have exceeded my expectations so far . Im so glad that i worked with you . Wishing you more success because you really deserve.

Review №5

Absolutely unprofessional company.An interview was scheduled with me.. I waited for a full 45 minutes, then I was invited to conduct the interview, after I entered, they took me out because there was another person who came after me.When I apologize for not conducting the interview because of their unprofessionalism, they did not pay any attention to the subject.

Review №6

Good at graphic design.Social media marketing isn’t planned.Develop apps isn’t there career.They’ll take your money and give you some designs and a lot of words. But I promise you, you’ll learn the most expensive lesson in your life.

Review №7

Good place to make your ads

Review №8

Very professional agency. Very supportive to our needs and questions. Highly recommend them

Review №9

Excellent team and managment, the Owner is real leader, everyone is doing his job with passion.Verry RECCOMENDED Advertising company.Good Job Sara Advertising TEAM

Review №10

This compqny have qn excellent crearive team.they did a great job with us respect they are our marketing consultant .do not think twice to cooperate with them

Review №11

Great experience and more than expected had been done, wish more success for you guys

Review №12

A professional staff, nice and cooperation team. They can do what ever you want ... thanks SARA ADVERTISING...

Review №13

Very dedicated team and keen to keep their customers satisfied

Review №14

I have dealt with other agencies before and they are the best. Excellent customer service, follow up and design.I really recommend them

Review №15

Best designers , very friendly teamStrongly recommendKeep the good work up guys

Review №16

Excellent service and excellent quality!they have a nick to know exactly what I want.

Review №17

Have been looking for a company to trust in this area and after trying some finally a company you can really trust.I just send my order and usually I get a better than expected outcome.You always feel that you are dealing with professionals not a freelancers or a starting company.Always gives advise. They never says no even if you ask for something which can’t be done.They always find a way.Last and not least is the timing which I found a bit tricky in egypt. But they promised a 10 days job and was delivered on time.

Review №18

Very professional, great commitment by time and date, really appreciated ✌️✌️

Review №19

The best marketing agency at Cairo

Review №20

Thanks for god, because i am starting worked with best leader, and very professional team.

Review №21

They are my agency since 6 years . I love having their partnership.

Review №22

They are the most professional company in the advertising segment..the have a creative methodes on marketing and advertising parts..

Review №23

Sara Advertising the one and only one using super heroes to deliver super results capital care team glad to deal with such a professional advertising entitle not only in Egypt but globally and middle east.

Review №24

Highly appreciating their professionalism and creativity.

Review №25

I definitely recommend working with Sara Advertising. If you are searching for partners who are creative, gave a huge attention for all details, very professional, and always on time; then they should be your first choice.At some point youll feel that they care about your project even more than you do.Ps. Theyre all early birds, so expect to receive emails at 7:00 am

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They have nice creative ideas

Review №27

We are proud to be a partner and appreciated your team effortsSara Adv. designed our website with creative and organization ideasGolden Ocean Marine Services - Team

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17 years of experience

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Thanks for your efforts .

Review №31

Professional specialists

Review №32

I love you allI have learned a lot in Sara learned so much from everyone especially Mrs. Salwa super support, Super friendly learning me how to Treat with a good teamSara means for me home, and you’re my family we share happy, sad, moments of success and fall together.I will miss you all thanks all for the memories we build together in this year thanks for supporting thanks for smiling ♥️I hope I will come back again to Sara as soon as ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️😭

Review №33

The company is excellent, the work team is something above wonderful, and my teacher is Salwa, one of the people who encourage you and show us the patience of the people who want to get a lot of information from you in order to let the queue do it in the way that satisfies you and the whole team is excellent and I am very happy that I worked with you and it is not complete, God willing :)

Review №34

Excellent company and have a professional team and very helpful and creative and very respectful .. Thank you for the most wonderful work and I am honored to deal with you, and I wish you more success

Review №35

A respectable company and professional management characterized by flexibility, led by Professor Salwa, and always from success to success, God willing

Review №36

An excellent company with a high degree of responsibility and owners of new and innovative ideas and proposals, fully aware of the changes in the market and the needs of the customers. Success and success always, God willing, always complement the march of success and prosperity together.

Review №37

One word can be said by the place where it is that you have to dream and the rest will be on them, God willing, as much as the responsibility and even more ambitious enough and the arrogance of any customer to them ... Thank you to all employees and their leadership to participate in the midst of high efficiencyAhmed Khalifa

Review №38

Allah is my suffice, and the best deputyI do not recommend working with it or dealing with it

Review №39

I will start my words with thanks, even if they are very few for the great effort of a large company and a very dedicated team in its workMy longevity works courses in quality and customer satisfaction, but actually the first time I contribute my work with the company deThank you very much, Professor Salwa, for your great team, for a very good follow-up and competition for customer satisfactionQuality work and very high tastesThanks Sara Advertising🙏 ♥ ️

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Quality trust cooperationVery drunk peopleI love the company and whyVery understanding and diligentOooey

Review №41

Very good organization and wonderful effort and Tim distinct and all of them are cooperative and dividedOrganizing the ceremony of Corteva Agriscienceit was very beautifulThank you all you have met and thank you and Sarah and King# Sameh

Review №42

Excellent company

Review №43

My thanks and appreciation to Sara Advertising for the sincerity of cooperation and the seriousness of dealing and technical support that you have received from you, which confirms the dedication in customer service to reach the highest degree of full satisfaction with the services provided by Sara Advertising to its customers.

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All treatment, dates and commitment are complete

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The service is excellent

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  • Address:infront of Katameya Heights, 159 St. 28 off, Gamal Abdel Nasser, Cairo Governorate 11835, Egypt
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