Stern Osteopathy & Physiotherapy شتيرن استيوباثى علاج الطبيعى
New Cairo 1, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Review №1

Dr. Ahmed Hashim is a professional and qualified physiotherapists. He is a credible and responsible person.I felt a clear improvement along the osteopathy sessions.Strongly recommend for anyone who is interested in a qualified and responsible physiotherapy clinc.

Review №2

Stern is a unique place where you will be totally healed and relaxed through proved evidence based scientific techniques and really good vibes and great music .... Easy colors and really really they have even hanged TVs in the ceilings ... Everythings is just perfect ... Thanks guys for having this kind experience and service

Review №3

Im really happy with my experience and i decided to share it with you . He is the only doctor that really fixed all of my back injuries, and I really recommend him , Lastly i should really thank you for your huge effort with me.

Review №4

Dr.Ahmed Hashim is quite good. his classification of my injury was very accurate. I recommend anyone to go to him as he is quite honest ,reliable and cool person. :D

Review №5

Dr hesham was excellent very knowledgeable and professional, he is an amazing human being.

Review №6

Perfect place for therapy …. Best experience …. Knowledgeable doctors … careful hands and safe treatment …. Qualified doctors from Belgium

Review №7

Its getting harder and harder to find a good doctor in Cairo nowadays. But when you find one you got to give him credit for his excellent work and service. Thank you Dr. Ahmed Hashem for the unforgettable experience. And the clinic is incredible.

Review №8

Dr. Ahmad is very nice and professional doctor. Definitely knows what he’s talking about. I immediately saw progress around the third session as he predicted. I highly recommend. Relaxing environment and professional work.

Review №9

I’ve been going to Stern for over two years now and as always they’ve been professional in dealing with my injuries.I first started therapy there with a tennis elbow, then my back lately shoulder injuries, which haven’t been easy to deal with and cure, however they managed to treat my injuries with great care and attention to detail using their knowledge and never ending learning process which made me recommend them to a number of my friends and family members

Review №10

Wonderful experience with stern osteopathy and Dr Ahmed Hashem, It’s rare to find a doctor that does a great job and explains each single detail to you as a patient to know exactly what you’re suffering from, Dr Ahmed Hashem is the best osteopath in town and he also helped me with an awesome nutrition plan and some life changing tips, sometimes he play my psychiatrist role.Thank you!I highly recommend

Review №11

Dr. Ahmed Hashem is one of the most professional physiotherapists Ive ever met. After visiting lots of physiotherapists and going through so many sessions without any improvement I started to witness a great improvement after only 3 cupping sessions!

Review №12

My back was killing me ... had only 2 sessions and im normal again. Really great efforts done by doctors there ... my wife also ... had to bring her ... felt amazing as well in only 1 session .. definitely will not be our last

Review №13

Thank you for everything. I can highly recommend them. They are kind and professional

Review №14

Most knowledgeable Doctor with a friendly environment place and amazing results.

Review №15

Awesome place, helpful staff and the doctor has a lot of knowledge and experience.I would highly recommend doctor Ahmed all the way.

Review №16

I was suffering severe shoulder and elbow pain ... thanks to stern we found that the problem was rooted in my neck and down my GIT problemsHighly recommendedThanks

Review №17

I had the best experience of cupping therapy at Stern Osteopathy, the clinic is so clean the doctor is professional no pain at all feels like I have a new clean body after the session I recommend you this place, thank you Dr. Ahmed

Review №18

It was my first time but definitely not the last, I could immediately feel good and my body feels great again to tackle those hard workouts, Dr. Ahmed is a very professional doctor and yet a great human being with a very nice personality, I extremely recommend it for anyone looking for these kind of rehab & recovery sessions ❤️☺️👌🏼

Review №19

Simply the very best. Extremely knowledgeable, courteous and efficient. I highly recommend, especially for those who have been suffering for long without finding a treatment.

Review №20

Truly one of the best in town for this profession. Perfect doctor for my regular body maintenance. Will easily fix all your problems and restore your posture balance and functions.

Review №21

3 years ago, I was diagnosed with herniated disc due to a sports injury, Back pain was killing me. I couldnt do any sports for 2 years and it did affect negatively my daily habits.Doctors told me that i would never play sports or lift weights again.Thanks to Stern and Dr.Ahmed, in less than 6 sessions, i was able to get back to sports normally.really the most honorable place for osteopathy and physiotherapy Ive ever dealt with.

Review №22

The entire experience was great, Dr ahmed is a very professional physiotherapist, its different from any normal physical therapy, u can feel the difference from the 1st session ,thanks dr ahmed for your help🙏

Review №23

I can’t thank and recommend Stern enough. Dr Ahmed Hashem is a brilliant guy who’s quite knowledgeable, experienced, passionate about his work and patient, who took a good amount of time to explain my situation and educate me about my health. He’s also available over the phone and I can easily get hold of him for post-session follow up and inquiries.I’ve suffered from chronic low back pain and sciatica for 2 years, acute neck pain for almost 6 months and a knee injury. After the first session I started feeling better, and it took me only 6 sessions to walk from 100m to 6km, which is a phenomenal progress that usually takes 12 sessions with most physiotherapists. Dr Ahmed also helped me correct my poor posture, taught me the right way of standing up and sitting on a desk in front of a laptop which proved to be as useful as the sessions.Stern have high work ethic, they’re very organised and punctual with almost no waiting time.

Review №24

One of the best therapies i have ever received

Review №25

It is the best osteopathy Center and the Dr. AHMAD HASHIM hes the best , hes listening carefully to patients , and hes so clever, I recommend anyone to treatment there

Review №26

Simply dont look elsewhere!Respect, friendliness, experience, care and many more qualities will be experienced there when you go.You will go in to see a doctor and come out having a new friend!

Review №27

I had a major problem with my back and with in few sessions I started to recover already. Thanks to the doctor, he is so clever and worthy of your time.The clinic is very clean and there is no waiting time.

Review №28

Highly recommend this for everyone. We may spend years in our bodies that trapped stress but after going there for a couple of session, I can definitely say I feel more free in my body and more relaxed.

Review №29

Without a lot of words. Dr Ahmed knows exactly what hes doing. He is a young bright doctor who is personally engaging with each patient. Highly recommended.

Review №30

I felt very confident and secure in your care. I felt like I was your only patient that day, and you are always in touch and quick on answer.

Review №31

Best in town! Great doctor and well experienced ... he really made a difference.

Review №32

The doctor is very professionalBest back cracker and cupping ever had

Review №33

I went there and was examined by Dr Ahmad Hashem (very professional and “highly informed “ compared to other doctors in general and other “doctors” in the field of phsiotherapy)I was enlightened there by Dr. Ahmad about what Osteopathy was and how it can help not only with what I came complaining about but can also help treat most illnesses.... I went in there to get treatment for pain in my arm and shoulder but I got out of there with my shoulder, colon and sinuses feeling brand new although they’ve been burdening me for over a year and all the “good & famous” doctors I went to have so far failed to make a proper diagnosis and treatmentSo far I’ve only had 2 sessions in 1 week and I’ve made more progress towards wellness than I was making for the past couple of years combinedI just wish I would have discovered this clinic earlier ... I mean who knew a proper “medical message” could save lives ! 😄

Review №34

Just can’t believe i don’t witness any back pain in just a few sessions, unfortunately you’re the best.

Review №35

I had problem in the hip joint and I couldn’t walk probably and stand much then i went to Dr. Ahmad Hashem and 1 week everything went to normal. Dr. Ahmed is experienced doctor and helpful and have alot of knowledge. Thanks for everything Dr. Ahmed.

Review №36

A Very professional doctor and a very friendly and clean setting! Thank you dr. Ahmad !

Review №37

Great therapist who listens carefully to your issues and uses his skills to release the tension in your muscles and to eliminate your pain

Review №38

I advise people to visit stern physiotherapy clinics . All the credit goes back to Dr.Ahmed Hashim, according to my experience he helped me alot, he always makes it easier to get fit in a short time.

Review №39

Very professional and great results

Review №40

I recommend this place as one of the most effective physiotherapy in Egypt

Review №41

Great place, awesome doctor. Had a problem in my neck and after 3 visits it was good as new.

Review №42

Great service, and very good doctors

Review №43

Had a very severe problem with my back, Alhamdoulillah i became way way way better and Im back to sports, thanks dr samira and dr dina very helpful stuff there

Review №44

Very helpful and an amazing dr

Review №45

Amazing doctors and highly punctual . Amazing place really and clean

Review №46

The therapists are super professional and knowledgeable. Thanks for treating my ailments and educating me about my body.

Review №47

Very good and professional. Great experience

Review №48

Great and professional service!Highly recommended.

Review №49

Great doctor

Review №50

My ankle was killing me , pain is much more better now, in less than a week , thanks stern

Review №51

Perfect place.

Review №52

This is a very good place. Strongly recommend it.

Review №53

The place is amazingly amazing, very neat and kind people

Review №54

The best in the world 🌎❤

Review №55

Best in town physiotherapy clinic

Review №56

Unique and effective

Review №57

About my first personal experience after I ran a half marathon of 21 kilos, it was really my first time without exercise or training, I finished and I was really not able to walk completely,, I went to Dr. Ahmed from the first session, I moved normally again, everything came back to normal, he is Dr. Shater and Able, studied, and specialized in osteoporosis, and after that I went to a lot of problems and they all solved with him, I was lucky that you got to know Dr. Ahmed Hashem

Review №58

Dr. Ahmed is a very smart and excellent doctor, with good taste and morals, and he hears all the details from you and is a very good person

Review №59

Dr. Hisham is very respectful and very educated. Excellent doctor Mashallah

Review №60

I thank Dr. Ahmed Ali that he was a reason after God for my recovery and that he is one of the best specialists in the Middle East

Review №61

Excellent doctor, Dr. Ahmed cured a 13years old problem in my back in less than 30mins, i was in a pain all time and now i woke up early with almost zero pain! Great attitude and down to earth, thanks alot Dr. AhmedExcellent and very involved, I had a problem in my back of 13 years, and he handled it in the text of the hour, thank God ... May God reward you well. Ahmad

Review №62

Dr. Ahmed Hashem is very smart, the clinic is clean and the appointments are set.I strongly recommend the doctor and clinic to anyone who wants to do physical therapy

Review №63

Doctor is very sharing in diagnosis and treatment, real happy with his experience and always with success and success, God willing

Review №64

One of the best doctors I have worked with and one of the most knowledgeable and experienced and always in developmentWith him, I knew and understood a lot about my bodys problems and solved them with an immediate and remarkable result10/10 would recommend.

Review №65

The best and most divisive doctor in his field, and he knows how to do very well, and who studies what he doesI recommend it to anyone 👍👍

Review №66

I had a pain in the back of my back and I had a twist on my side in my back and I was working 16 sessions in a second place and Mjptb any result and was a sore throbbing continued but with Dr. Ahmed in 4 sessions remained the best of thank God and returned to the idea of ​​Ciropractic best Bacter of Normal physical therapy

Review №67

Good as a therapeutic massage or acupressure but not a specialist for treatment

Review №68

A7san 3aydt 3lag tabe3y fel 3alm oxem bellah

Review №69

People are very rigid

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  • Identifies as women-owned:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
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