DMArts Academy
3A City Center, Makram Ebeid, Al Manteqah as Sadesah, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Review №1

An amazing place to be. The decoration is spot on for the upcoming festive season. Its been done very well. There are plenty of food choices in the food court and I definitely loved the food in the Maharaja Restaurant which serves Indian cuisine. The only downside of that restaurant is that they serve very less quantity of food for the given price. Otherwise the food does resemble the Indian taste so that way its spot on. I will be coming back soon again to this wonderful mall in Cairo.

Review №2

Great mall for shopping, everything is so neat and clean. It has a lot of famous clothes shop like H&M, Raven and other shops for casual wear, as well as some book stores and accessories shops. Its only downside is that it has no free food court nor any place to rest, so you just buy something, go to a caffee for instance, then just go home.

Review №3

This place has changed my life and improve my knowledge , they are very smart and professional

Review №4

The greatest asset of City Center is that its a lot smaller than the close by City Stars. You can still very easily spend 5 or 6 hours here in a relaxed atmosphere, especially if you decide to have lunch. Yet if you know what you are looking for, you can easily do all your shopping and quickly tour the whole place in 2 hours if you dont have time for lunch or snack and drink or a movie. The prices are great. The biggest draw back is the lack of underground parking and the limited number of security personnel.

Review №5

I hadnt been there for ages. There are a number of good shops...many Egyptian brands which i find moderately priced. I went at a good time ( in the morning) so it was not crowded.

Review №6

The best shopping center in nasr city, its small so you can pass by and shop from all the brands in 2 hours only.They have a great variety of brands, you will find EVERYTHING.I love it, it saves me when i need to get many things quickly and i dont have time

Review №7

Combine variety of prices , some of the shops are affordable. In addition to amusing cafes and restaurants. Most of all , the mall is highly accessible from many other geographic areas. So, wherever you or your friends are you can meet there .

Review №8

Nice mall in a great location, the mall has many restaurants and coffee shops inside and outside. It has residential buildings on top of it and under ground parking. I found very easy to find parking stall next street. I enjoyed the seating area outside. The location just on cross between Nasr street and Mulan Obied street in Nasr City.

Review №9

Interesting medium sized mall located close the the biggest mall in Cairo. You can find good quality shops and medium priced items. Take your time to have an ice-cream in downstairs coffee shop, you will not regret it.

Review №10

Combine variety of prices , some of the shops are affordable. In addition to amusing cafes and restaurants. Most of all , the mall is highly accessible from many other geographic areas. So, wherever you or your friends are you can meet there .

Review №11

Nice, calm mall and at a good place. Not big but have many shops but not as the bigger malls. Still a good option for shopping or set in a restaurant. I like it and l like Ravin clothes shop inside the mall that not crowed and big branch.

Review №12

Very nice placeHave a lot of shopsThere no CarrefourThere is cinemaIt have a lot international food storesStarbuksKentucky fried chicken K. F. C.PizzaNational BankA lot of clothes shopsAccessories shopsMobile shopsCandy shopsCafe

Review №13

U ll find any you want at one place (city center)

Review №14

A mid-sized mall in the center of Cairo to serve your needs. You cannot find all what you want, but that which you need, you just might have the luck to find it here. There is no special asset that caught my eye. It is quiet confusing to navigate the mall when you enter the first time, but after a couple of visits, you get the idea.

Review №15

What I love about is that its not a huge mega mall, its relatively considered a small one. It has around three restaurants and three cafes. It has a collection of clothes shops. You can find what you want easily.

Review №16

Small mall, clean organized well. Starbucks coffee, kfs abd Hardees restaurant around the mall.No cinima there, you can rest there, as you can use it as a terminal stop for waiting purpose only.

Review №17

Not very crowded, almost people forget that this is a mall as city stars mall is 1 km away, so Actually its good for quick indoor shopping but you want find everything you need

Review №18

City Centre at Nasr City , Cairo is modestly small compared to large Trade Centre. Surprisingly my wife and myself want to explore the area around the 8th Residence Group here. We firstly were attracted to a well organized and strategically located kiosk around the left hand corner from the main entrance that mostly sells nuts and seeds for visitors. He is a young Syrian young man. We bought dry roasted corn seeds as well as two mouthful sweet for both of us.We walked a little bit around the mail lady attire shops. My tried one but a bra price is around EP 270 on sale!We went. back to the kiosk to learn about restaurant and cuisines. We decided to start at the menu at b1 floor restaurant. There were two sections a German and Egyptian. We choose to look at the Egyptian one. Then we settled for fish onion and rice dish and grilled chicken and rice. It turned that two dishes were nice surprise to us. We exchanged praise and compliment of the good food we enjoyed here to the extent that that we exchanged bites of each.

Review №19

It is not that big mall that you can go for looking for clothes and things that you can buy there this is my point of view however you can have fun by enjoying one of the cafes attached to this mall like: Starbucks

Review №20

City center is not a very big shopping mall. However, it is very cosy. There are many different shops and activities to do there. There is a cinema, Pizzahut, Levis and other brands. Also, you can find smaller shops for jewellery and accessories. This place is popular for hijab clothes (mohajabat). There is a private parking where you can leave your car or simply leave it in the small street beside it.

Review №21

Good one.

Review №22

Small mall with limited shops but you can find kfc, hardeez, starbucks, cilantro, cinnabon and seif pharmacy i prefer going to city stars or even geniena mall which are close to it

Review №23

Find other cafes other than Starbucks, Cilantro. sit down plug in and enjoy the staff falling all over you to keep your business. Tough game in Egypt! Really never liked City Stars or City Center

Review №24

Surely a city centre mall, in deed and in truth.

Review №25

Coffee is perfect. The place is not the same place we knew before. Alot of students who are just setting with loud voice and no drinks. We cannot enjoy the perfect view anymore

Review №26

Good for light shopping.. Not very crowded.You can find everything accessories clothes shoes and bags shops and w fast food corner.

Review №27

Medium mall with some brands like max pixie Takbeer Rojada, and some caffes like Starbucks and restaurants like Hardeez KFC and pizza hut.. There is amazing accessories shop called hoopla or something its sells variety of accessories bags makeup and scarfs .مول بس متوسط به محلات كتير زي MAX و pixi Takbeer Rojada ravian وشويه كافيهات و fast-food restaurants زي كنتاكي وهارديز و بيتزا هات..وفيه محل اكسسوارات حلو هناك بيبيع مكياج وشنط وطرح وتوك شعر عنده أشكال حلوه كتير

Review №28

Good shopping mall, you can find a lot of things there.It has some good restaurants Brands and Cafes there.Also theres some Booths for librarys and other school things.

Review №29

While not as big as the neighboring CityStars it is still quite a favorite goto for a lot, you can get your coffee and quick bite and go for some casual shopping without walking a thousand miles.

Review №30

Shopping there is ok without very high prices like other malls.Cinemas are ok.Very friendly staff.One problem there is no parking.

Review №31

Very good mall to find whatever you need in one place and calm to hang out drinking or eating something in their restaurants in addition to its location is in the middle of nasr city

Review №32

Best provider for Digital Marketing, Ive ever seen

Review №33

Small sized mall.Some shops, restaurants and coffee shops.Nothing unique. One could enjoy calm and enjoyable hour or two away from the busy crowded malls.

Review №34

A small mall with a little number of stores ... you can go there to buy specified thing that you need from a store you know ... but not for shopping.I think city stars is a better choise at the same area.

Review №35

Its abit small but nice for a bit of shopping since its not very crowded most of the times. It also has a small Alef store which is always a plus.

Review №36

Good for quick shopping, and you would not feel overwhelmed by brands around you comparing it to city stars. But its good.

Review №37

One of my favourite places. It has some good clothing shops options, you can usually find something decent to wear.

Review №38

Nice parking in the most crowded please in nasr city. The parking saved my day.I wasnt visiting the mall but i used the parking.

Review №39

It is an OK shopping mall but for better shopping experience you can just cross the road to city stars where you will find way more alternatives

Review №40

The place has a couple of decent places specially on the outside but its slowly dying out. Not so great shops but calm and not crowded.

Review №41

If I would stay for more than 2 hours in one place for sure Ill be there.. the place is not big but the staff is helpful

Review №42

City center is a small across the street from city stars. I don’t usually shop there although the place is do quite, unlike city stars. The thing is the options of stores is so limited tho.

Review №43

You will could get most of your stuff faster than any Mall as its not a very large Mall

Review №44

Small, crowded mall with a cinema on the top floor. The traffic in the area is a nightmare. Park far away and walk to it if you can

Review №45

Small sized shopping center. With fast food restaurants. Mostly clothing stores. Not a lot of brands variety as the bigger shopping malls

Review №46

Its not bad for shopping and got good restaurants and cafés. And its in a good spot but its kinda small and it doesnt look so good, looks kinda old.

Review №47

Cool but not many outlets like other malls. Also parking there can be very difficult

Review №48

Very nice place for shoppers and families who prefer quite yet rich place with most of their needs around the corner

Review №49

A small mall .. has some brandsGood for clothes shopping , food or snacks also has some brand restaurantsBut nothing really more than food and clothes

Review №50

I like how small the mall is. Very good for people who dont enjoy walking around that much

Review №51

Very small but nice and clean. Two or three cafés or restaurants I guess exist.

Review №52

It is a good mall to shop and hangout with firends very public there in a good way alot teenagers there which is annoying other than is good mall

Review №53

Its a good spot to buy stuff from or hang out with family/friends not as busy as citystars but much smaller

Review №54

Its nice but unfortunately you cant find everything you need there.

Review №55

Best place for shopping in makram ebaid st with reasonable prices, good for family and groups too

Review №56

A very good place for shopping and spending fun time with your friends

Review №57

Nice place for shopping not very big just fair

Review №58

A number of shopping places plus some cafés and restaurantsAtm machines are also availableNice atmosphere in general

Review №59

Great mallit makes me happy every time I go there

Review №60

Small shopping center and the best thing about it is that it got a movie theater in it and multiple coffee places and fast food chains

Review №61

I love this place more than city stars mall as it quieter it also a good place to hang out

Review №62

Small place with limited brands options.. But good for women and it has a good place for selling swimwear for veild women too

Review №63

A nice place but needs a little improvement and more fast food restaurants

Review №64

Very nice place for shopping and family entertainment and food corners

Review №65

One of the most quiet malls Ive ever been in.. But I love it

Review №66

People usually visit this mall for Reading books or discussing any topics with friends in its starbuck. Not much options for shopping here in compare to the next mall City Stars

Review №67

Cousy Mall, it includes several Cafe and restaurant and different brands for clothes - Glasses - watches - perfumes - Book store

Review №68

Its a nice mall with a huge variety of brands and a huge variety of retail shops

Review №69

Very nice small mall. very suitable for the people who want to but not to watch

Review №70

Very basic shopping mall. Starbucks and MAX are the best thing there.

Review №71

Not very recommended, you have city stars cinema 5min away and considered one of the best in Egypt

Review №72

It is a nice mall but not big and has nice clothes stores

Review №73

I only went to starbucks in this front mall and all good as usual starbuck we have around the world, good coffee good service

Review №74

Nice mall, I do a lot of my shopping here

Review №75

Very cool place with great Shops and best prices without any crouds.

Review №76

They prevented me from locking my bike in front of the centre on the street sidewalk can you believe that. I was trying to leave my bike on the sidewalk and the centres security came out and prevented me from doing that and they said that this is the centre security manager instructions

Review №77

Nice place for shopping and can easily find what you are looking for

Review №78

It is a small mall with fast food , coffee place, a department store and few shop. It is easy to access

Review №79

Small, quiet, certain clothes shops and coffee shops but I like it

Review №80

Nice coffee shops, good choice of restaurants, a cinema and a wide range of clothes shops.

Review №81

Its a live place with a quiet fresh lookings shops its mostly good for hang outs.

Review №82

One of my favorite, if not my most favorite, malls for real shopping. Underground parking available.

Review №83

Good place but all the shops has high prices

Review №84

I like it cuz its offers in max and or one of famous brands of youth clothes

Review №85

A great little mall with lots of high store shops and coffee shops

Review №86

Amazing place for restaurants and cafes but not fir shopping

Review №87

Great Academy to learn Digital marketing ❤

Review №88

UP to the standards of a Mall in terms of decor and cleanliness.Not a lot of stores.No Cinemas

Review №89

Amazing mall and city center

Review №90

Quiet place with lots of shops for clothes with reasonable prices

Review №91

Beautiful place for family its have a beautiful restaurant and a lot of good shops for clothes

Review №92

Good for kids clothes shopping, no shops directory and no sign direction to toilets

Review №93

Actually theyre very useful instructors

Review №94

It is not very good place for shopping it is good for drinking some coffee🤗

Review №95

I love to shop there but it still need more shoes and bags stores

Review №96

Good place bus small you cant find everything you looking for

Review №97

Liked it so much. really nice place for shopping and resting as well.

Review №98

Nice shopping mall many shops very nice for ladies more than for men got coffee shop

Review №99

I love this place and used to shop there for a long time

Review №100

Nice for shoppingIt juat needs some seating areas

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