Dr. Abou El Azayem Hospital for Psychiatric and Addiction Treatment
Abou Agebaa 11, Al Enshaa, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
Dr. Abou El Azayem Hospital for Psychiatric and Addiction Treatment

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Good doctors and staff

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Fantastic place

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Nice place

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Nice place

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The worst hospital for treating patients. I was beaten by the nurse. We were the scum of society. Imagine a mental patient being humiliated and wasting dignity inside a hospital for treatment. I mean, he comes out of the hospital broken, double fracture. I mean, Im in for treatment, and I feel how I know how to deal with society. I mean, I enter a patient who is complicated by one psyche. I come out, I have a deeper psychological contract. God suffices me and yesagents

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The hospital treats mental illness, and the best doctor with it is Dr. Mahmoud. For detection on Sunday and Tuesday, the value of the examination is for the first 15 digits 230 Egyptian pounds, and after that each 15 digits detection increases 20 Egyptian pounds. In order to reserve in the first 15 numbers, you must move and go to the hospital at five in the morningThe hospital is good, but very expensive

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A wonderful hospital, and may God bless them, and may God bless Dr. Mahmoud Jamal Madi Abu Al-Azaim, Dr. Khalouk, may God reward you with all the best, God willing, always progress and success

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Abyan textAnd the place of all those who have liars and they have no needAnd losing them even the star

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The worst hospital in hard was my mother was in it and they took her out of it without treatment and gave her to another very, very bad place

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Can a patient with binge eating disorder be treated?

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The garbage hospital is not respected and cannot be respected. They say they are contracting together with health insurance, and you want to meet other than words. First, they are afraid to tell you that their income is not related to money and the way of speaking is disrespectful. I don’t respect Upper Egypt. They say they don’t understand them.

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No one goes to the examination 200 by saying to the doctor who will reveal with me when he will tell me what is with you for 10 minutes. Do I prefer to speak and hear you, and he will send you to 6 hearings, one by 150 I think it is a bad place

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A little swindlers and thieves. A dirty hospital full of cockroaches and disgust. Experience in deceiving parents who do not understand or know how to act with the psychiatric patient, the hospital takes the patient and throws him into the dirtiest rooms, and whatever the patient complains, they convince the parents that the patient is a liar and wants to go out and be saved. And all of them take the same medications, regardless of the condition or diagnosis (given that they have someone who knows who is already diagnosed). During the period of frequent power cuts, I used to hear female patients sounding all night for fear of the dark, and when the neighbors shouted to the unscrupulous employees, after 6 hours of continuous sound, a wailing worker appeared at the patient and ran away from him in fear. The apex of ignorance and backwardness, which is added to it by lack of conscience and lack of supervision. I worked there for a period of time, dozens of addicts, and by God Almighty, there is not a single addict who has not returned to drugs before the passage of a year. And they always convince the parents that the defect is in the addict so that they can take him back again. Hundreds of lives have been destroyed. A wise enemy is better than a doctor like Imad Abu Al-Azayem, or someone else whose name was Hani. This is other than the use of inhumane methods of punishment such as electricity sessions (by God, they are used as punishment, not treatment) or injections of (carboxol) and (barquinol) and the like, other than the repeated infringement of beating patients. And when the administration spoke to us about these transgressions, they said verbatim (saying to the patient or his family, any need as long as the iron door is closed)Fraud has been observed in registering the medicines and calculating the parents on themI heard from some patients that some workers take money in exchange for providing the patient with drugs (I did not see it myself for the safety)All activities written on the site (artistic, religious, musical, and sports activities) do not exist.The patient does not see a doctor or even a specialist except once a month at best, and all sessions are conducted by former addicts who have no relation to medicine or treatment experience.Entire families have been destroyed to satisfy some thieving bellies, who exploit peoples goodness, ignorance, or despair.Many of the pictures on the site are not from the hospital (even with their skill in lying and swindling, I don’t think that they are stupid enough to claim the presence of Asian doctors (from East Asia, as the pictures claim), other than the pictures of medical devices that have nothing to do with psychiatry at all.When parents insist on seeing the rooms, they fluff them into clean rooms, wanting to see the truth about the hospital, and insistently demanding to see the upper floors, isolation, or the upper floor, especially with the amount of cockroaches that are enough to be locked because of it. They asked to see the filth in the kitchen. Claim the drug bills. They demanded a treatment plan sealed by the hospital. They demanded pictures of the medical examination for which the families would be held accountable, and the patient would not see the doctor at all.A scam. Allah is the witness for my words

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Is it possible to treat trade union members in the hospital? Please reply quickly !!

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Is it possible to treat members of the bar association in the hospital? Please reply quickly !!

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A hospital that is concerned only with the material return only, and it does not treat from addiction, but rather adds to the patient and makes him double, a psychiatric patient and an addiction patient.K

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Can a patient be treated schizophrenia and obsessive-compulsive disorder

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The psychological medical service is excellent ... but the team of nurses takes bribes in exchange for good treatment of the patient.

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Dr. Jamal Madi Abu Al-Azayem Hospital was built in the late 1970s (the twentieth)One of the best and cheapest psychiatric hospitals.

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It provides a distinguished service to patients, and we wish all patients a speedy recoveryCan I make a reservation for you

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God willing, the feedbacks are like honey.

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Hospital specializing in psychiatry

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The app is super excellent

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Excellent recommend everyone to visit

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I practiced it

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Excellent service

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Addiction and psychological health

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  • Address:Abou Agebaa 11, Al Enshaa, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
  • Phone:+20 100 176 4496
  • Private hospital
  • Addiction treatment center
  • Mental health service
  • Hospital
Working hours
  • Monday:Open 24 hours
  • Tuesday:Open 24 hours
  • Wednesday:Open 24 hours
  • Thursday:Open 24 hours
  • Friday:Open 24 hours
  • Saturday:Open 24 hours
  • Sunday:Open 24 hours
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