مستشفى إشراق للطب النفسي وعلاج الإدمان
13 الأرقم ابن الأرقم، المعراج العلوي, Maadi, Cairo Governorate 11742, Egypt

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Nice Place for Addiction Treatment 💪

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One of the best places for treatment. Their first goal is to treat patients with seriousness, attention and care. They do not have any financial goals. They treat the patient as if he is a member of their family, and give him full care and strict treatment with love and attention.. I thank all the employees for managing this hospital, especially the respected lady, Dr. Maysa.

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An excellent medical team cleans the body of toxins safely on the person’s health. My relative is being treated for heroin addiction with you. Until today, when he tells the story of his recovery, he talks about your humanity with him step by step until he recovers. You are really not like the rest of the hospitals that throw the patient during the drug reckoning period. Honestly, you are the best hospital for addiction treatment in Egypt and the Arab world

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One of the best and most wonderful hospitals specialized in addiction and detoxification, people are very respectful and keen on the safety of their residents and treat them with the utmost respect. Dr. Ahmed Ali is a more than wonderful personalityWishing you all the best and success.

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One of the best hospitals for detoxification and managing withdrawal symptoms, I took care of the treatment of an employee of mine, and indeed his life changed in this hospital, and he returned to work after the treatment trip at Ishraq Hospital..a hospital in which there are people who understand humanity and are not completely greedy and share in the treatment of addiction.

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It is one of the best addiction treatment hospitals, friendly reception staff from the first impression, with more than wonderful breakfast and dinner, clean and tidy rooms, also one of the most important features is complete confidentiality and completely concealing the identity of the patient.

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Your positive, impactful reputation speaks for you, Ishraq is a distinguished medical edifice with a qualified medical and administrative cadre, dedicated to providing a lofty message that serves the community represented by the means of treatment with its diversity, comprehensiveness and confidentiality, and the readiness of the place and the results and percentage of the recovered give hope in tomorrow, whoever does not thank people does not thank God, all thanks and appreciation To all the work team for the distinguished effort and always forward, with the help of God.

Review №8

An excellent hospital providing excellent services to patients and treatment without pain.

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An excellent hospital, they have easy payment systems, and they have great experience in treating addiction, may God keep the evil of addiction away from young people.

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One of the best and best hospitals that I have ever seen.

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Excellent hospital, professional doctors, humane treatment to the highest degree, very clean, you feel like you are in the midst of your family

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Waste hospital Ive seen in my life, they say they take out toxins while they are on your behalf, like a dog without a home, you come, you say I want to talk to my family, they laugh at you, they want you in a place of rubbish with a shipping company, and they suffice you without knowing your family.

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The best addiction treatment hospital, experience in treating addiction and an excellent level in that it is the best hospital in recovery

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“And whoever saves a life, it is as if he saved all mankind.”A very friendly and professional group, and I see full respect and transparency from themI owe you to save the dearest person in my life

Review №15

Praise be to God that today I am null and the credit goes to our Lord, then the treatment team for Ishraq after 6 years of failed attempts, and today I am nullified for a year, 3 months and 3 days.

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All the comments are well and put from the pictures that the place is five starsOf course, the financial reward is very much

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Great service in the hospital and follow up after the treatment .. Thank you for your efforts

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I hope to support this hospital to spread awareness and curb the bloodsucking epidemic that afflicts the youth

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The place of more than the splendor, may God bless you and thank you very much for the help and cooperation you provided with me. You are trustworthy people.

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A very respectable place to treat girls addiction and in complete confidentiality

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One of the best treatment places and the best treatment team

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One of the best addiction treatment hospitals in Egypt

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Hospital Ghaya in magnificence and beauty

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A very exquisite place, may God bless you ♥ ️ ♥ ️

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The best addiction treatment hospital

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The best addiction treatment hospitals

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A very special treatment place

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Very good hospital

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Good luck

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Nice and sweet hospital

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All support for the hospital

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Very beautiful

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The best addictive treatment

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Beautiful good luck

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One of the best places of treatment

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One of the best therapeutic places

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At the top of magnificence

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One of the best institutions

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The whole

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  • Address:13 الأرقم ابن الأرقم، المعراج العلوي, Maadi, Cairo Governorate 11742, Egypt
  • Site:
  • Phone:+20 100 322 2228
  • Addiction treatment center
Working hours
  • Monday:Open 24 hours
  • Tuesday:Open 24 hours
  • Wednesday:Open 24 hours
  • Thursday:Open 24 hours
  • Friday:Open 24 hours
  • Saturday:Open 24 hours
  • Sunday:Open 24 hours
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
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