BESTWAY Supermarket Gouna
Tamr Henna, Hurghada 2, Red Sea Governorate 84513, Egypt
Review №1

There are useful stuff there and the prices are fair. In fact a lot cheaper than I thought it would be.

Review №2

Great supermarket in Gouna. Where you can even find household things from IKEA. They have a food fresh cheese compartment. Also fresh fruit and vegetables. Everything available, local and imported.

Review №3

I just went in to get drinks. Offers a large variety of ice-cream, drinks, and snacks. I didnt browse any further than the entrance though.The guy at the cash register could be nicer though.

Review №4

Its okay. Its clean but it fits a market not a super market because it is not a big one.It is full of goods for its size and well displayed but you shouldnt expect to find all usual brands available at all times.It is also expensive compared to normal Egyptian prices of the same products elsewhere but maybe because it is in El Gouna. I did not visit other branches because I would go for Carrefour.Staff are friendly and helpful. Some need to be trained about the products they sell though.

Review №5

Nice supermarket with variety of goods with same prices as Cairo but not all branches have cigarettes or cold cuts fridge

Review №6

Is the fastest supermarket in the new Marina. Its next to Turtles in Hotel. U can find all items freshly or processed. Surprisingly I found out all the prices are very very normal comparing to prices in Cairo. I thought that I can find the pricing is highly increasing as am in Gouna 😃 But I found the opposite.

Review №7

Selection improving for small store, always crowded. Can workers stock shelves when store is closed? Too crowded to have boxes blocking the aisles.

Review №8

It is a nice varaity store that you can find many things that you are looking for. Very convenient with the delivery option if you need something anytime

Review №9

Also small area for hypermarket but it has good variety of goods

Review №10

Market have different varitiea along some of imported meat and cheese 🧀

Review №11

Best selection of European and International food brands. Friendly and attentive service. Ailes are narrow and it can be crowded, when its busy. Delicious cakes and sandwiches for take away. Less expensive than the New GOURMET supermarket in El Gouna.

Review №12

Good productBut Turkish coffee ☕ must be add to the beverage menu

Review №13

Best place to get your groceries in El Gouna! They got whatever I needed in one place!

Review №14

Too cramped not enough space to move around and shop efficiently...... not enough parking space.

Review №15

We werent able to to buy anything there because the staff demanded from us to wear the face masks. I politely explained that were vaccinated and we dont wear face masks any more but they didnt care. Completely pointless.

Review №16

Its a good place and has many things and the staff are kind and cooperative

Review №17

Prices for most good are average not super pricey (cheese, bread milk.. Etc)Its very tight aisles 2 cant walk at the same aisle at the same time

Review №18

Good market .. to buy what u need 👍

Review №19

Good place to get your grocery

Review №20

Whenever Im in El Gouna , the best supermarket i find everything i like and need

Review №21

I would give them a full 5 star if only they were bigger. This IS the supermarket to go to while in Gouna. It has almost everything you would want even though the place is sooo tiny;

Review №22

Has everything, good prices

Review №23

Nice place , with products from abroad which you cant find in local supermarkets, of course a bit more expensive due to that . I feel it is a big stuffed inside (not a lot place to move ) but in general all is super the best are the fresh tuna sandwiches 😊

Review №24

Has everything one can need in a trip away from home. Has environmentally friendly bags and offer a variety of fresh produce, meet, fish, chicken, canned food, chocolates, biscuits, chips, drinks.... in short, a full service supermarket. Coffee machine is great and is complemented by a variety of games, water sport gear and various entertainment items.

Review №25

Please read: As an Egyptian speaking English (since I lived abroad most of my life) I usually get mistaken for a foreigner, and most of the time get great service/ treatment if so.When I started talking Arabic and they knew I was Egyptian, the tone changed as if Im their friend not a customer. The way they talk especially cashiers!!! For example today , while checking out I forgot to weigh my veggies, he told me in Arabic *go weigh these peppers over there* as if he is talking to one of his colleagues or friends. He simply could have said *PLEASE if you dont mind you need to weigh this first over there* OR the normal thing would be, to ask his colleague (many around) to go weigh it for me till I finish checking out the rest of my things thats ABC customer service.And at the check out he didnt even wait till we put our things in the bag, he started checking out the next guest quickly (foreigner) and pushing our stuff to the side while we are placing it in our bags! We had to check and make sure we are only taking our things!.. Truly sad.This is a simple reason Egyptians are leaving the country or acting as if they are foreigners when they are here. To get good quality treatment.(General note)): Its a shame that most fellow Egyptians once they know youre Egyptian & one of them they think its ok not to provide you with decent customer service, only saving the best to foreigners. Why is that normal? Why cant Egyptians be respectful towards one another too!Then when I prefer to speak English and pretend Im a foreigner, they look at me weird as in why cant you own up to your roots and why are you hiding youre Egyptian (Im not) but this is simple reason why! And why Egyptians are leaving the country or acting as if they are foreigners.((And im not saying all ppl in egypt are like this, but this overall customer service situation is happening often!!)Shame! Especially when I really want to try and live in Egypt. Why do I need to accept this .

Review №26

The place you need to stock with some goodies your fridge whether u r staying in a hotel or renting. The best news is they deliver too

Review №27

Market have everything food fruits sweets vegetables shampoos flip flops swim suits kitchen/cooking needs almost everything in the same place , problem is workers is all over the place which make it extremely hard to move around they are always stocking and pricing and a different crew seems auditing inventory anytime during the day which is ridiculous and unreasonable to be done during the day that kinda work must be done after hours to make it easier for shoppers to move around with a cart....also they are exasurating in high prices

Review №28

Super clean has a variety of products

Review №29

A very nice and inclusive supermarket

Review №30

Very small supermarket, you can find imported stuff.Not very clean.In corona time, they should impose the rules of social distance at the cashier and mask.

Review №31

Its so good and they have all the stuff , that we will need

Review №32

Has almost everything, friendly staff, however 2 things that need to be developed somehow : 1 - a bigger best way is needed in Gouna as the aisle holds up to one person max, which isnt practical with gounas increasing number of people. 2 - Their delivery service needs to get better (many mix ups, forgotten things, getting different brands, etc) also, when Gouna gets too crowded delivery can sometimes take up to 3 hours!

Review №33

The best supermarket in ElGouna, all what you need is available there. The staff are really helpful. They also offer delivery service.

Review №34

Decent prices in an expensive resort, great resource.

Review №35

I found there all what I needed even the candles ....;)

Review №36

A reasonable mid-sized supermarket offering a wide and interesting range of both local and international products. Most items are not priced, simply look out for the price checker machines around the store.

Review №37

Great variety of goods,prices are exaggerated,,over prices....good service

Review №38

One of the best supermarkets compared to anywhere else in terms of prices, services and handling. You are really the best

Review №39

It has everything you could possibly want... however they only give u those brown bags(that kids take to school and that rip so easily) and if u want the good cloth bags you have to pay around 3 pounds for 1 bag... also the aisles are very crowded and thin and the shelves are very unorganised, messy, and crowded which makes things hard to find... but you are ensured to find whatever ur looking for there

Review №40

Most famous supermarket in El Gouna you will be able to find a lot of unexpected products groceries or beauty essential items, dairy items , cigarettes, fruits. cashier is quick there, No plastic bags only paper bags available. you can grab a ready mad sandwich juice or coffee in the morning.

Review №41

Its very good and clean and you will find what you want there.I like it so much

Review №42

In light of these conditions that the country is going through, it is characterized by the best way to face the spread of the virus, and it has not been entered without a mask, and sterilization will take place before entering the place.

Review №43

Love it soooooo much. Your best choice for snacks. Very clean and well organized products to catch your home needs smoothly.

Review №44

Quite small super market in European standards. But a great assortment of goods. English speaking employees so finding goods is easy when you cant read Arabic. International goods are available as well for reasonable prices. If u need groceries I recommend shopping here.

Review №45

Wonderful and amazing coffee and bakery.The items at the store are huge variations and I doubt if you can find the same variety at any other place in Egypt

Review №46

A good market with many things available that you could need . There is a good bakery inside with fresh food . The prices are fine . But the workers needs to be better with many languages at least English, so they can communicate well with tourists.

Review №47

Small but you can find all your needs

Review №48

Fantastic . Everything you need you will founded there .

Review №49

Good staff, Good product just bit stretch place

Review №50

A little bit crowded, but it has everything

Review №51

Great supermarket with wide variety of products.

Review №52

Most Convenient place if youre not a resident at a hotel to serve your home supplies, ask for his sandwiches 🥪

Review №53

It has mostly everything you might need. Theyre too catious as well when it comes to covid-19 precautions.

Review №54

Not so big but have much things for the basic life and really enjoy to go their also has a credit card payment option if you will pay in cash make sure you have the exchange as always there is no exchange there

Review №55

Very clean, can find all what u need, perfect service, affordable prices, best of all is available parking.

Review №56

Your destination for groceries in gounaFast sandwich for breakfast is a must try

Review №57

Fully filling your everyday various needs

Review №58

I find everything I need

Review №59

U can find a lot of things there... & while u r walking early in the morning & need a cup of coffee, Best way the only open place where u can have an espresso shot & with only 10 Egyptian pound

Review №60

OK nice

Review №61

Has many items to choose from, friendly staff. Sometimes bit overcrowded and the aisles are tight. Probably would suggest against coming in with a small child.

Review №62

Good quality glossary

Review №63

I wish they worked for 24 hours. They basically have everything. You can even get a coffee from the coffee machine here. Wide range of food and beauty products.

Review №64

Great supermarket with Rady to eat sandwiches, fruits and everything else. So proud of them joining the move of banning plastic bags from the Red Sea.

Review №65

Overly expensive but well stocked supermarket with plenty of local and imported products. Two locations in El Gouna, the larger one is Kafr El Gouna/Downtown, and the smaller branch is Abu Tig Marina.

Review №66

ATM cards not working most of the time

Review №67

Very Good..Just need more space...

Review №68

You can literally find anything in the supermarket you should check it first if you looking for anything

Review №69

Have all what you are looking for with a good price

Review №70

Great stock, NARROW SPACES (hence not very COVID-19 conscious). Delivery service is mediocre.

Review №71

You can find Bestway supermarket within El Gouna, either at the Marina AbuTig or at Kafr El Gouna in front of the Go Bus station, next to Drinks (Beer and alcohol shop). Bestway is the best place where you can shop anything that you are looking for, from the cheese till the electric equipments, even frozen ice Cubs can be find there.

Review №72

They have all the basic amenities youll need. You can find things youll be searching for in Europe. Also excellent service and ATM works on point.

Review №73

Everything I needed was there ! Very helpful nice staff especially the cheese service responsible person!

Review №74

5 stars super market

Review №75

Almost 99% of what tou expect in super market with reasonable prices accordito a touristic city lile Elgouna

Review №76

Everything you need Im sure you will find ot here. Dont bother to bring any groceries. As well fresh vegetables and fruits.

Review №77

Wide variety of products at great prices , accepts credit and debit , so its a real relief when you need something and are out of cash , opens till very late in the night.

Review №78

A Market that almost has everything, food, ready sandwiches, home tools & cleaning, cakes, bread, and much more, prices are average service is very good

Review №79

They have everything you could possibly need high quality without the Gouna price loll

Review №80

Have most of the necessary food but NO gluten free

Review №81

I love this shop. The staff are so helpful, polite, professional and respectful. Contents see reasonably priced and varied choices. Thank you 😎😎😎

Review №82

Best supermarket in downtown its a corner shop but a supermarket to the locals and you get coin change as sweets has they dont have coins!

Review №83

A great supermarket with many imported products. A bit pricey but always well stocked. Also offers fresh sandwiches daily.

Review №84

Very good placeClean and cosy

Review №85

Great prices. Clean shop. You can buy fresh, delicious sandwiches with fish or cheese and tomatoes.Im so like this shop

Review №86

It has everything you need, but it hard to use stroller inside due to small space

Review №87

Varieties all over the placeFresh sandwiches

Review №88

You can got mostly what you looking for shopping Market

Review №89

All the convenient products are available

Review №90

There are Italian restaurants

Review №91

A little crowded and small sometimes they dont have everything but best place in gouna for groceries

Review №92

Handy convenience store in downtown El Gouna. Wide range of fresh, tinned and frozen food plus household items.

Review №93

A supermarket that almost has everything, so no need to go anywhere else. They also serve coffee, if you just want to take one on the go.

Review №94

All what you may need in your vacation of groceries and life basics, little bit high prices but acceptable

Review №95

Nice super market but a little bit expensive more than usual

Review №96

A very nice arrangement of goods

Review №97

It was okay but can be more expensive than other supermarkets

Review №98

You can find anything you want at best way supermarket it’s the best way to find what u need go now ❤️✌️♥️✌️!!!

Review №99

Practically the best in Gouna. They have almost everything and are on top of their game. Friendly staff and always stcoked up.

Review №100

Very good place. However being small but almost have every thing you will need

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  • Address:Tamr Henna, Hurghada 2, Red Sea Governorate 84513, Egypt
  • Site:
  • Phone:+20 128 432 0320
  • Supermarket
  • Grocery delivery service
  • Grocery store
Working hours
  • Monday:7AM–2AM
  • Tuesday:7AM–2AM
  • Wednesday:7AM–2AM
  • Thursday:7AM–2AM
  • Friday:7AM–2AM
  • Saturday:7AM–2AM
  • Sunday:7AM–2AM
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