‎عمارة 21 شارع الخليفة المأمون، روكسي، مصر الجديدة الدور 2، شقة 204 أمام, سوق العصر القاهرة, 11774, Egypt

Review №1

It is a really professional place and the staff are really well trained and nice

Review №2

A professional and organized center for management and follow up of addiction patients

Review №3

Excellent team for addiction treatment

Review №4

Very good and pro management team, very results oriented.

Review №5

Excellent doctors

Review №6

The recovery center for psychiatry and addiction treatment, which has many advantages.

Review №7

Center respected therapeutic team organized and interrelated in a scientific way with the cases and frank in dealing with the family of the patient, so that achieve some logical goals without delay in the length of stay and then maintain the health of the case follow-up after exitThank you and may Allah reward you

Review №8

Beautiful center and all its staff are highly efficientThe treatment is at the highest level of professionalism and complete privacy and unlike of course the prices are very suitable compared to the prices of other places ... And a very strong medical team of doctors and specialists, headed by Dr. Abdul Rahman Hammad

Review №9

. The highest level of psychotherapy and addiction techniques. A treatment team with very high experience. Treatment programs include schools of psychotherapy and addiction. Addiction group therapy programs:1- Psychoeducation meetings2- Skills development meetings3- Cognitive behavioral therapy meetings4- Support meetings5- Human interaction meetings6- Meetings of behavioral dialectical therapy Dbt7. Specific societal and cultural meetings8- Expressive meetings. Family counseling sessions (family and addiction). Support and assistance in solving the problems of the patient and the problems of the family. Groups, sessions, and follow-up patients for a full year after graduation in a regular and regular manner. Work on balance in the life of a recovering addiction patient through a balance between(Recovery activities - work - sleep - leisure - relationships). A special section for teenagers. A special section for womens psychotherapy and addiction. Different psychotherapy, addiction and drug therapy programs for each patientdepend on(Diagnosis / age / disease / experience / environment / period of mental illness and its inception and causes / duration of addiction and abuse and its causes and origins / .....). Recreational treatment (entertainment - trips). Require the family to cooperate with the treatment team in the treatment(Group family meetings - individual family sessions). A private clinic for follow-up treatment in cases that do not need to be booked in the center

Review №10

One of the best centers in Egypt where there is an excellent elite of doctors and a high efficiency in dealing with respectable and a therapeutic program at the highest level and all the staff treat friendly and respectful thank Dr. Abdulrahman Hammad Center Director

Review №11

Dr. Abdul Rahman Hammad, the owner of the center is very comfortable and modest and Btaml warmth and tenderness and parental friendly specifications are very required in the doctor

Review №12

This center Gabli writers and psychiatric diseases treated as a prisoner and not the entertainment of the patients and their director Dr. Abdul Rahman Mayhemh only Flosss deal with you at the beginning and the beginning and I preside and I imposed the month of my month I sit down 4 months Washmt my family Ahlam Ahly in two weeks and you have to be one and you The prison of Maiswi Swat Allah does not help them from his doctors and specialists and God Mani Nasi Dr Aman was relieved by many God is pleased with the rest of the doctors and sinners

Review №13

A respected, reliable, professional service center with excellent treatment teamGod bless you and always for the better

Review №14

A highly respected and very hard working and scientific center of high standards and international standards in methods of treatment and therapists.

Review №15

Dr. Abdel Rahman is one of the most important experts in the treatment of addiction in Egypt in a scientific and humane style

Review №16

Dr. Abdul Rahman Hammad very large experience and good man keeps God and understand his work is good.

Review №17

Dr. Abdul Rahman Hammad is one of the best dealings with them in the field if not the best and the place is very careful to the patient

Review №18

Dr. Abdul Rahman is a respected doctor and respected personalities that we know, God bless him and all the respected workers

Review №19

One of the best therapeutic places and Dr. Abdulrahman diligently interested in patients and treatment Jddaaaaa

Review №20

The best center has been dealt with for the treatment of addiction after the experience in the centers of Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Dr. Abdulrahman Summit in dealing and professionalism

Review №21

Excellent center in addition to dealing with patients and caring for them and their families and average prices

Review №22

The best addiction doctor in Egypt without rival is Dr. Abdel Rahman Hammad and his medical team, God bless them

Review №23

Dr. Abdel Rahman is very excellent and has a great experience

Review №24

One of the best addiction centers in Egypt

Review №25

Great place ... and the therapeutic team is of the highest standard

Review №26

One of the best center in Egypt

Review №27

This is the worst drug recovery center on earth

Review №28

A respectable place and works scientifically

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  • Address:‎عمارة 21 شارع الخليفة المأمون، روكسي، مصر الجديدة الدور 2، شقة 204 أمام, سوق العصر القاهرة, 11774, Egypt
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