Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Mansour دكتور محمد أحمد منصور - كايرو دايت
ب عمارات العبور, 2, Heliopolis, Egypt

Review №1

Clinic is clean and quiet. Staff are very nice and supportive.Doctor Mohamed is very professional. Its not about how many kilos you lost, its about what you lost. With some patience and strong well, you will get a very healthy way to lose weight with him.

Review №2

For me till now it’s a great experience, doctor Mohamed has a huge knowledge in this field and he is somehow encouraging his patients to reach their target efficiently. And the staff is very friendly and caring.

Review №3

Such an excellent doctor and the clinic is so neat and nice. And Aya is a wonderful person welcoming you with a smile always.Thank you for the effort you are making with me.

Review №4

Dr mohamed is superior doctor in dietitian field and his staff also leading perfect quality of their jobs. thanks for everyone in this clinic.❤

Review №5

He is a professional doctor , the place is comfortable, the assistances are perfect , thanks alot

Review №6

Professional doctor and excellent assistant crews .

Review №7

Doctor, God is All-Knowing..and created..and understanding.The best doctor Ive been to, seriously...and his conscience.Seriously..I cant find anything to say about it..The clinic and hygiene system...above description.Thank you doctor, may God increase you knowledge and acceptance

Review №8

I am following up with Dr. Mohamed Bakali for a very, very large period. I have a very patient psychiatric psychiatrist. For me, he is not a diet doctor, but he is also a psychiatrist and always supports you. And always hear from you and not material material like the majority of doctors Deloqt who Bkhaddoa Diet and your health as a trade .. Dr. always cares that he knows you love any friendly need sweet .. And your hands continuously communicate with him literally .. This will make you feel renewed The spirit of the clinic, but they are currently, despite the lack of an occasion Bgddoa in the clinic and this is a beautiful thing that makes the clinic is not routine for you .. The reception is a summit in the taste of girls There is a summit in literature and on the person side I love them very because of their way of dealing and violin their spirit is very sweet However, in the period of one diet possible passes some of the problems that Mahdesh Bstahmlha no matter how close to you, but Dr. Mohammed Asthmlni in the periods when the minimum was locked together with them all

Review №9

Dr.. Mohamed Doctor Shater very excellent and social withThe patients and the clinic are very clean and I will not feel bored every time I go to meet new and constantly renewing and decorations hard Thank you for the help of Dr. Mohamed Aya Ali Zoukha and good treatment with patients

Review №10

The best Dr. Diet actually .. Everyone is respected and Bijawb all questions without boredom and your hands positive energy to keep you complementary .. The clinic is beautiful and help Dr. Mohammed .. Any .. A very respectable with you from the first entry to the clinic

Review №11

Excellent and respected doctor and clinic above excellentAnd to the reception at the top in respect and longing clinic wonderful

Review №12

Dr. Mohamed Mansour is one of the best doctors on the scientific, professional and ethical level and the clinic is always clean and organized and at the required level .... actually successful selection

Review №13

Dr.. Mohamed Mansour Dr. Shater Jaddaaa and Vadni Ktayer Awowoi and the world was Baiza Maaya custom Izbtha Koweis Awowi hard thank you

Review №14

Excellent doctor in his work and taste and very respectful and care about the details of the situation with him

Review №15

A very excellent doctor, very engaged and very respectable, may God bless you and fix you, and a listener and conscientious doctor

Review №16

The best nutrition doctor in Egypt. Note and creation. Thank you Dr. Mohammed

Review №17

Dr. Mohamed Mansour, one of the most excellent doctors without really courtesy

Review №18

Everyone Zouk and respected and ready to respond عالتلفون وال واتساب despite Mghogliat permanent 24 hours and does not tire. A wonderful feature

Review №19

Best doctor dietitian in Egypt 100 star right Shui God

Review №20

Excellent place in terms of handling, reception and psychological comfort I strongly recommend

Review №21

D. Very respectable and to create

Review №22

Doctor wonderful and distinguished and honest

Review №23

Doctor respected and has a conscience

Review №24

Doctor is very respectable

Review №25

The best nutrition and dietitian in Egypt❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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  • Address:ب عمارات العبور, 2, Heliopolis, Egypt
  • Site:
  • Phone:+20 2 24012077
  • Weight loss service
  • Acupuncturist
  • Doctor
  • Medical Center
  • Pain management physician
  • Nutritionist
Working hours
  • Monday:5–9PM
  • Tuesday:5–9PM
  • Wednesday:5–9PM
  • Thursday:Closed
  • Friday:Closed
  • Saturday:5–9PM
  • Sunday:5–9PM
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