حفظ مجلس الدولة قضاء اداري
8 Ahmed Neseem, Oula, Giza District, Giza Governorate, Egypt
حفظ مجلس الدولة قضاء اداري

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Building of keeping cases of the State Council issued by the Administrative Court. It is an old antique building, which was the seat in the past of the Disciplinary Court in Cairo. It consists of several upper floors and a basement, the street on which it is located is crowded and it is difficult to find a car, a few steps away from the General Court of the State Council in Dokki.

Review №2

In which the cases adjudicated by the Administrative Court of the State Council shall be heldYou can get official photos of the judgments by the case number (written on the judgment) and the disclosure number (can be known from the documentation department of role 14 in the State Council)Where the employee gives you a copy of the judgment to be filmed and returned to him to seal its authenticity and take the original and image (after leaving the national ID card to the employee) to pay the fees in the treasury Council of State (Treasury closes at 12:30) and seal the image with the seal of the Eagle and return back to the Office of conservation to respond to him Original and recover your card

Review №3

Cases brought in the Council of State are preserved in this place

Review №4

There is no one who tries to understand the extent to which a government needs a government over the old regime

Review №5

Its manager is respected and respected employees

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Needs the system

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  • Address:8 Ahmed Neseem, Oula, Giza District, Giza Governorate, Egypt
  • Administrative attorney
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