U Right Mens Wear
قسم الفيوم، الفيوم،, Egypt
U Right Mens Wear

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Dealing with tar and rubbish and an uncivilized manner. If you have to buy, stick to the invoice, because if a product has any defect or something similar, you will not know whether to return it or exchange it, and you will still have to resort to consumer protection, so the invoice is not the barbaric method of the shop owner

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  • Address:قسم الفيوم، الفيوم،, Egypt
  • Phone:+20 100 187 1180
  • Clothing store
Working hours
  • Monday:2:30PM–12:30AM
  • Tuesday:2:30PM–12AM
  • Wednesday:2:30PM–12AM
  • Thursday:Closed
  • Friday:2:30PM–12AM
  • Saturday:2:30PM–12AM
  • Sunday:2:30PM–12AM
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