Mall, سان ستفانو, Egypt

Review №1

Great coffee great service nice staff and perfect location

Review №2

Its good and all but its really hard to find a place to sit inside especially when theres rain outside but its perfect for a little date or studying and a lot of other stuff

Review №3

They didn’t have the salted Caramel syrup to make the drink advertised while I was there. However, they did have the holiday blend of beans which they ground up for me. Those beans are my favorite!

Review №4

Coffee is sort of subpar when compared to other similar chains like Costa coffee. The hot chocolate is good though. This particular Starbucks has a very nice seating area with loads of wind and shade to cool off on a hot day.

Review №5

Excellent convenient location, fast service, good coffee and pastries. The only thing that I don’t like in this cafe is that it is dirty. And you need to individually invite a cleaner to clean your seating place.

Review №6

This place is so great. My name was Shali. I was very happy it was my last trip before travelling outside Egypt. There was a very beautiful girl.

Review №7

It is ok but a little bit expensive

Review №8

The best caffe in the whole world, and this branch im the best city in egypt - alexandria - and best location in alex as well, but i dont know why the taste un egypt is low quality, in gulf countries the taste is amazing, no comparison really between there and here, chain restaurants and caffe should respect Egyptians, it is not cheap to be like this, they have to develop them selves, really disappointed with this taste, i tried cappuccino and this is the last time..

Review №9

اجمل ليالي الشتاء في رمضان ٢٠٢١Starbucks Corporation is an American multinational chain of coffeehouses and roastery reserves headquartered in Seattle, Washington. As the worlds largest coffeehouse chain, Starbucks is seen to be the main representation of the United States second wave of coffee culture.[6][7] As of early 2020, the company operates over 30,000 locations worldwide in more than 70 countries. Starbucks locations serve hot and cold drinks, whole-bean coffee, microground instant coffee known as VIA, espresso, caffe latte, full- and loose-leaf teas including Teavana tea products, Evolution Fresh juices, Frappuccino beverages, La Boulange pastries, and snacks including items such as chips and crackers; some offerings (including their annual fall launch of the Pumpkin Spice Latte) are seasonal or specific to the locality of the store.

Review №10

Lovely place, very cozy, suitable for studying or a quick catch up with ur friends

Review №11

Best view with amazing hot drinks specially latte and flat white.I dont recommend iced and smoothies there not as good as taste of hot drinks.I rate it 4 stars just because its always crowded while most of visitors arent customers

Review №12

Nice coffee and nice vibes 💙

Review №13

The workplace culture is neither service oriented nor customer-freindly! Toilets closed! Service to the minimum, and tables are scarcely cleaned

Review №14

Unbeatable coffee taste and perfect locationService and maintenance need improvementOverall ambiance and atmosphere are not good and you must look after this branch to match the location and your quality productsI noticed absence of cleaners, we know it is self service but absence of cleanliness was disappointing specially in toilets, floors and tablesDidnt notice house musicThis branch need maintenance as the ceiling is not clean and black stains around AC grills, floor is not clean as grouting is totally black and not clean you can use a grouting with same color of the tilesStickers on doors are torn and must be replaced with new stickersOutside area was messyIf a name has been written in a wrong way, dont put a sticker on it to hide then you give it to another guestDuring COVID-19 you should continue sanitizing tables after each guest as the sanitizers at the entrance and pickup point are not enough

Review №15

Very bad situation happened yesterday 2/9 around 11:00 am from a worker there, he talked about me with another worker in a very bad way and I heared him, I told the manger also and he did nothing at all. Thats happened in front of my daughterIll never come again or let my daughter come again.

Review №16

Great coffee!

Review №17

Good place for coffee and cake 🍰 perfect location bySan Estefano beach and the four season hotel. Excellent service, great pike place drip coffee ☕️

Review №18

Quite suitable to settle down and grep a peaceful coffee

Review №19

In my opinion, this is the busiest cafe in Alexandria and rightly so because of its location and mostly consistent service. Ive sat here many times and it can get really crowded so always try to be nice to your baristas and clean after yourself. With the heavy flow, comes a lot of wear and tear which is apparent in the upstairs area so perhaps it is time for some renovations once in a while.As for drinks, I would recommend an ice white mocha or a hot double shot caramel macchiato. Burnt caramel was a no for me.

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Review №21

It is nice place and so many customers but no no no parking area.

Review №22

I went there to buy Egypt city mug having some coffee as well , but there wasn’t mug at the store where they only have egypt tumbler anywayI needed some time to get some rest from horrible traffic in Alexandria , i was totally satisfied with everything here , what made me this place especially better was friendly staff which has hospitality, there are out door sitting area. I would say it’s one of the best Starbucks store in Egypt so far . Thanks a lot for every single staff there

Review №23

Best location of Starbucks in Egypt.On the Alexandria Corniche, looking the sea, at the four seasons hotel. Very crowded you need to be there really early

Review №24

A place where you can get the best blends of Coffee ever

Review №25

Very Good location for morning coffeeQuality acceptable

Review №26

Cofee isnt good, Unprofessional staff and no enough seating for customers.

Review №27

I always have a great time at SBX. Its almost therapeutic.. Especially the san stefano one. Its not so much the coffee as much as the place

Review №28

I love Starbucks products....But the same issue i always face inside Egypt...We pay money to enjoy our coffee or breakfast...But no where to have seats 85% of the tables are serving FREE guests whom visiting the place so early just for reserving tables without buying anything!!!The real problem when the Starbucks staff always give the same answer about above complaint....Kuwait main office asking us (Starbucks staff) not to do anything about this issue :(So, should we replace Starbucks with other brand inside Egypt?

Review №29

It is a great place that has absolutely wonderful scenic view of the sea here in Alexandria, Egypt. The prices, the products and the atmosphere are all wow. I recommend you white Mocha regular size for only 35L.E.I enjoyed it a lot and I will definitely repeat it again.

Review №30

Best coffe ❤️❤️

Review №31

Friendly staff great location. Quality a little different from the USA but still great.

Review №32

Perfect place to chill out 💙

Review №33

Fresh breeze, service is slower than usual, tables needs more tending too, delivery people lurking by.

Review №34

Good coffeeNice viewCrowded

Review №35

A little bit crowded but as usual good service

Review №36

Amazing place , good coffee.The staff is very friendly and helpful.

Review №37

Espresso products are superior ❤️

Review №38

Very nice coffee

Review №39

Excellent with sea views on the beach of alexandria

Review №40

Starbucks always has consistency in good services and good quality in all branches, which has been touched in San Stefano branch. Both outdoor and indoor were neat and clean. Nevertheless, the toilet was out of service during my visit.

Review №41

They told me that they have a new liquid I didnt remember its name but the said its brilliant but it wasnt it was so bad 🥴😷

Review №42

Crowded noisy and bad taste of drinks

Review №43

Best Frappuccino Ive ever drank with the best cheese cake Ive ever eaten ❤

Review №44

Very good and not expensive and the service is good

Review №45

If u need such a good coffee, u can visit this place💜

Review №46

Good staff .. best place .. Fresh food and drinks .. High prices For some people

Review №47

Ice Mocha The quality is very poor and the performance is not appropriate The staff has no experience

Review №48

Your typical starbucks, which is a good thing. The coffee is good too. I didnt try the food so I cant comment on it. They have a big seating area outdoors, and an upstairs option indoors. Nice atmosphere all around.

Review №49

No its not open 24h 😡😡😡I have been coming here for 3 days in row and every time they tell me that there is no ice !!!!

Review №50

Best coffee ever

Review №51

Very good

Review №52

Nice location and good service , just seat in the shade and enjoy your drink

Review №53

Too loud. Music is not suitable for a coffee shopmood. Service is okay. Shop is very spacious. If you sit outside you could watch the sunset, which is nice to just relax with a wonderful view.

Review №54

Delicious coffee and breakfast 🤗

Review №55

I love the sea atmosphere and the drink PagMan

Review №56

I am a regular guest at sturbucks .Today I ordered my coffee as usual but it was totally out of standard . It was like drinking a cup of milk .when I went back to the employee .he told me that he added extra milk apologized and tell that he can add expresso to fix the taste . I left the coffee and noticed that I was not the only one complaining . Please look at your reputation brand and standard .( this happened today at Starbucks city center at 12pm .)

Review №57

No one can find Starbucks quality in other place☕

Review №58

Staff is very friendly, coffee is good, but the place is a bit dirty and people with no orders are occupying seats, leaving paying customers standing.

Review №59

Tasty and high flavored coffee

Review №60

Best coffee in town

Review №61

Fun as always

Review №62

The place is good since you get the experiences of serving yourself.beautiful scenery with exotic weather of Alexandria especially in the winter.

Review №63

The inside is very crowed. Staff team lacks knowledge. Atmosphere is great though.

Review №64

Best place to have a calm breakfast 🥣

Review №65

Wonderful Turkish coffee

Review №66

Love it

Review №67

Good coffee , but no more hight standartd guest🤔

Review №68

Expensive and it isnot that good

Review №69

Athough i love this place and go regularly as i love the taste of the coffee and other things that they serve BUT there is a big issue with clean concept. The clothes of the staff is unclean and full of stains, the sofa outdoor in sitting area is full of stains as well. They took forever to collect the empty cups and trays from the tables after the customer go away.Please take a good care with this great coffee company.

Review №70

My favorite place

Review №71

Its a very good place to have your breakfast or your cup of coffee, but it is a bit pricey.

Review №72

Cool place for young people. Its common to see many students studying there or enjoying with friends. The prices are ok, in treating about a Starbucks store, and the place is really comfortable. There is a mezzanine inside and outside there are many seats with the amazing view to the sea.Its a good place to talk with friends or meetings. Outside is a little bit noisy because of the Beach Street but its acceptable. I recommend!

Review №73

Nice place ... but outside it’s so noisy some time and not clean

Review №74

Best place, Best coffee ... New years blend are available

Review №75

This great coffee company brings you cheap and high quality coffee.You can enjoy the coffee and dessert with the Mediterranean sea breeze, it got closed area as well.Friendly atmosphere, friendly service and cozy environment.Highly recommended.

Review №76

Lovely Starbucks branch.

Review №77

Good place for drink cafe latte

Review №78

Best branch of Starbucks with perfect view over Egypt

Review №79

Just amazing place to have some nice time, but it has to be too early or too late to avoid crowded times.

Review №80

Its a nice place. Can get too crowded tho especially at the restroom and the place is usually not properly vented and a bit hot inside. Would recommend getting a table outside or visit in winter and not at peak hours.

Review №81

Great coffee in world

Review №82

No quality, bad service, employees non-experiense

Review №83

A really great place for coffee and catching up with an old friend. However, it gets really loud on busy days and the bathrooms need some cleaning tbh. Other than that great staff and great coffee

Review №84

So nice and comfy

Review №85

People are very friendly.. organized and careful due to covid-19.I usually have regular cappuccino .. this time it wasnt that good !

Review №86

Fast Wifi available. Sockets for charging your laptop/phone everywhere. Clean. Service excellent.

Review №87

Amazing food helpful stuffAmazing place too 😂💙

Review №88

The coffee is amazingBut the place is always super crowded and the staff rarely clear and clean the tables

Review №89

The place is cozy, quiet and comfortable and the drinks are great, although they seem to be always out of Macha Frappuccino 🤔

Review №90

Good place but sometimes they dont have many drinks available

Review №91

Quality coffee shop. Exotic spot in Alexandria seafront. Outdoor sitting area, with or without ordering.

Review №92

The coffee tastes bad also the ice chocolat is trash i dont recommend it to anyone

Review №93

Great look 💫.

Review №94

I usually pay for my drink in full they never give change back especially if it’s 3 4 pound

Review №95

I love it, I had my favorite drink there and it was my first time tasting it like that.

Review №96

Not good as in pictures. Not clean place , doesnt deserve your visit.

Review №97

Cozy place, in addition to marvelous coffee

Review №98

Very friendly customer service! Freshly brewed coffee per my request.

Review №99

I think the milk which they put in my American coffee was expired or rotten. I feel sick

Review №100

Place is so crowded , although it has a good location, drinks are very bad almost no taste , you can not taste the coffee in starbuck which is weird, one more thing , surprisingly they do not have chocolate !! I mean something like hot chocolate ,moka,..etc

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  • Address:Mall, سان ستفانو, Egypt
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  • Phone:+20 122 080 0287
  • Coffee shop
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  • Monday:Open 24 hours
  • Tuesday:Open 24 hours
  • Wednesday:Open 24 hours
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  • Sunday:Open 24 hours
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