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6 شارع محمد عبد المجيد. متفرع من مصطفي كامل الدور الأرضي. أمام كلية تربية رياضية بنات, Fleming, Alexandria Governorate 21531, Egypt

Review №1

Great company for developing POS and Human Resources software. They deliver on time and provide excellent support.

Review №2

Very good and well organized company. They setup chat systems with clients. They finished project on time. Very satisfying.

Review №3

Very good

Review №4

The company is a beautiful place and a professional management that helps the student meet his needs. The prices of the course are excellent with payment facilities in installments, which is frankly not found anywhere else. My opinion of the course is above excellent, and the lecturers explanation is professional to no end, and compared to the other places 10 out of 10 and the other places are zero on the north for my experience. The explanation is practical and practical, above the excellent, plus they give us silences and projects in the ESP and C-Sharp course. As for the lecturer, the explanation is so smooth that if you do not understand anything, he died from the first lecture. The lecturers here are above the general level, very professional. Honestly, the place is very successful and not even famous enough compared to the known places. God willing, the future of the place is great.

Review №5

The course is really a difference with me. In the first place, I was worried that I would go down, and I was more focused on the internet, but seriously, if I went back in time, I would go down and not waste the time that was lost from me, as for the place, it is really a beautiful place and the explanation is simplifiedVery practical and apply more practical to everything we take

Review №6

First of all, I would like to thank Bashmohands Ahmed for his efforts with us, because on a professional level he is very generous and diligent, and he tries to provide us with information as simple as possible on a personal level, so he is a brother to all of usSecondly, I would like to thank the company (Aaser media) very much, because the place is very good and respectful, and it offers useful courses for students.As for my personal experience, I am happy that I took this step because I was always hesitant to take a step like this, but it is true. After I tried, I wished that I had taken it a lot sooner about this and benefited a lot. The most important thing is that there is a lot of practical application. The issue is not that we take some information and keep them theoretical and salvation. q thank you very much

Review №7

Frankly, I mean, it is a beautiful thing, very respectable people are very moral, and the treatment in the course is a very respectable thing. This is impractical in the course + the explanation is a very respectable thing.

Review №8

Aser Media is a very good company, explaining them well, and the best thing about their course is that the application in the course is practical

Review №9

A very respected company in the field of courses also very professional and the lecturers are excellent

Review №10

One of the best places to take courses in the field of programming and explained by Engineer Ahmed very well

Review №11

A very good explanation, the course is more practical than my opinion, a quiet and organized place, and discipline in appointments

Review №12

A very special explanation, the most important thing in the application is in the session, the place is very special, and the administration treats us very well

Review №13

The course is excellent, and the practical application is excellentDealing with the company and employees 10/10 👌

Review №14

Respected company and excellent job in both programming and graphic design. They have very faithfulness and they were very clear in their work and explained to us that they would do what and what was always followed up, and they were respectful of the delivery date and the prices were very appropriate for the quality of the work. Thanks, Esarmedia

Review №15

Professional company working in a global way. Customer service and a professional team that understands its work. They worked for me with a site and program at a much higher level than I expected and my level as a global company

Review №16

Acer Media Company is frankly and genuinely an integrated programming company and a professional in programming, and you know by what a business is not the subject of a website and salvation. They studied the market of my business and my target customer, and they planned and worked for our company everything in harmony from the first commercial identity Lina, Pretolio and logo, and also printing to limit the design and development of our commercial website and application. The frank company is a professional one.

Review №17

The company has a professional software team and they have a system and will be used in dealing with customers and projects and the customer will continue to follow his job from the Internet. Thank you, Isr Media Company for the program and professionalism.Very good company

Review №18

Capture Media is the best, make a complete integrated commercial web app project. Very respectable job, excellent business thought, and on-time delivery, while providing excellent maintenance service

Review №19

A very useful course. I received the required degree of knowledge. An affordable price for everyone. A place with an impressive future. God willing, success. Waiting for more distinguished courses.

Review №20

One of the best design, web development and e-marketing companies relying on a lot of creative talents, both in his field of specialization and at the highest levels of men for clients. Thank you for constructive participation in the implementation of the EGSky web for tourism and travel training

Review №21

One of the best companies that we worked with in this field and respectful and committed people on time. God has established all dealing with you after this.Thank you 😍

Review №22

A distinguished and advanced company that is committed to its deadlines and reasonable prices

Review №23

A company worthy of above Thursday stars

Review №24

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  • Address:6 شارع محمد عبد المجيد. متفرع من مصطفي كامل الدور الأرضي. أمام كلية تربية رياضية بنات, Fleming, Alexandria Governorate 21531, Egypt
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  • Online appointments:Yes
  • On-site services:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
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