دار الهضبة لعلاج الادمان
مبنى 9603، أمام كارفورالمعادي الطريق الدائري الحي الثامن, حي, El Mokattam, Cairo Governorate 11439, Egypt

Review №1

Heard nothing but good words about this place, its really important to have such centers for people who are in need of professional help to deal with their difficulties. Keep going and may Allah help you and give you strength that will allow you to save more souls.

Review №2

A great place !

Review №3

An excellent place that offers a distinguished medical service, based on the experience of a relative after the family’s suffering in another unspecialized and unlicensed center, I advise those who wish to treat addiction to go to the Hadaba House to be treated permanently without any setback

Review №4

For the first time, I entered an addiction treatment center in Egypt and took precautionary measures against the Corona virus until now - we are used to finding recklessness in these places, but I seriously found that this center is clean and takes care of all the patient’s psychological and health details and is keen on his comfort and the comfort and reassurance of the family

Review №5

When I heard the name of Al-Hadhba Hospital for Psychiatry and Addiction Treatment, the artist Amr Diab Al-Hadba came to my mind 😊 I said I must go and see this hospital and its connection with the name - I went and discovered why they called it Al-Hadhba because it is really a prestigious place and winner of the Quality and Excellence Award and one of the best addiction treatment hospitals in Egypt - Thank you Special for all the staff of the center for your help and cooperation

Review №6

I was losing hope that I would find an approved and licensed addiction treatment hospital because of what I heard a lot about places that claim to be a treatment center.

Review №7

What distinguishes this hospital from others is that you will find a system and people who respect appointments - and people like that smile in your face the first time you meet it and give you hope and reassure you - a special thanks to all the workers in Dar Al-Hadba

Review №8

One of the best and most prestigious treatment places in Egypt and a place at the highest level and great interest in precautionary measures and they have a very excellent treatment team

Review №9

An excellent place that treats the patient as a human being, not a wallet, and the place is equipped with surveillance cameras everywhere, everyone in the place deals in an elegant, honorable place

Review №10

The hospital is very excellent, God willing, equipped with the highest level of cleanliness, respect and quality

Review №11

A very special hospital with its staff very cooperative and respectful

Review №12

A center that deserves to be commended.. a respectable and hospitable job and great care for the situation with interest in all aspects..

Review №13

One of the best addiction treatment hospitals in Egypt and has a very distinguished medical team

Review №14

A distinguished place that takes into account all precautionary measures and all its employees are very tasteful, cooperative and skilled, in addition to maintaining privacy and order

Review №15

Frankly, it is a house at the highest level, experience, efficiency, treatment, place of residence and care that ensures that we are away from addiction once and for all...

Review №16

More than wonderful place is considered the best hospital for addiction treatment in Egypt

Review №17

A distinguished place, cooperative people who do their work professionally and conscientiously 🌹

Review №18

A very excellent treatment team and one of the best treatment places in Egypt and are interested in the precautionary measures, thanking them for their cooperation

Review №19

A very respectable place and the treatment team is of the highest standard and very keenly interested in sterilization procedures, I thank them very much

Review №20

Good luck, God willing.. God be with you

Review №21

Classy place for treatmentIs it enough to treat addiction, or is it possible to treat depression?

Review №22

One of the best treatment places in Egypt in terms of quality of treatment, the presence of licenses, their adherence to adequate security and sterilization procedures

Review №23

A place of trust and excellent service, I advise everyone to try it

Review №24

Very excellent, may God bless you and reward you with all the best

Review №25

It is one of the best therapeutic places in Egypt and a place at the highest level and in an emphasis on sterilization procedures

Review №26

A licensed and accredited hospital for the treatment of addiction and mental disorders - one of the best addiction treatment hospitals in Egypt is a fact, not a compliment

Review №27

How do I know that I have entered the stage of depression Are there signs of that?

Review №28

The first time I see a hospital licensed by the Ministry of Health with this luxury, luxury and quality in its services - I am really the most prestigious hospital in addiction treatment in Egypt

Review №29

The cost of treatment is 550 five hundred and fifty pounds per dayAnd treatment takes four to six monthsThis is too exaggerated

Review №30

Hospital for addiction treatment is great and also licensed by the Ministry of Health, it means safety, security and confidentiality and every need therein

Review №31

The place is excellent and special and thank you for the good sterilization procedure service

Review №32

Excellent place and very special service. May God bless you hard

Review №33

Best addiction treatment center in Egypt and approved by the Ministry of Health - Special thanks to Dr. Ahmed Mostafa and the team based on the center

Review №34

Excellent place, God bless you

Review №35

A very respectable place and the people of great responsibility, really thank you for the wonderful effort

Review №36

An excellent place, and may evacuate them to treat the largest number of patients

Review №37

Excellent place and medical team at the highest level

Review №38

Respected place, excellent sterilization, and good doctor

Review №39

Sophisticated, attractive and safe place

Review №40

May God bless you and reward you ♥️♥️♥️

Review №41

Good place and experience

Review №42

A respectable center with great care in treating patients in strict confidence

Review №43

The best place in Egypt for addiction treatment

Review №44

Excellent place and service hotel

Review №45

Can I know how much the reservation is but one

Review №46

Good continuation

Review №47


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I want a pardon

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  • Address:مبنى 9603، أمام كارفورالمعادي الطريق الدائري الحي الثامن, حي, El Mokattam, Cairo Governorate 11439, Egypt
  • Site:
  • Phone:+20 115 433 3341
  • Rehabilitation center
  • Psychotherapist
  • Addiction treatment center
Working hours
  • Monday:Open 24 hours
  • Tuesday:Open 24 hours
  • Wednesday:Open 24 hours
  • Thursday:Open 24 hours
  • Friday:Open 24 hours
  • Saturday:Open 24 hours
  • Sunday:Open 24 hours
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
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