Panorama Restaurant & Cafe
6W8C+5J3, Al Ibrahimeyah Bahri WA Sidi Gaber, Bab Sharqi, Alexandria Governorate, Egypt

Review №1

I had a bad experience in this restaurant, the food we ordered was not good at all, And didnt taste good as well, first dish was chicken fajita that didnt taste like fajita at all, second dish was a steak escalope penne (Breaded Steaks) its taste was really poor no sauce of any kind added and the quality of the oil used for frying was horribly bad.Location is excellent but I wouldnt recommend ordering food there.*They only accepts cash so you will not be able to use card payments there.

Review №2

Wonderful sea view cafe directly located on the sea, i ordered vegetables mixed cheese pie which was delicious, turkish coffee also was amazing.Food and drinks are of good quality.

Review №3

Nice view of Alexandria, the place is very live. Yet, the food is relatively expensive for the size of the dish. It takes time for the food to arrive.

Review №4

One of the best spots in Alexandria. It must be at this particular spot where Alexander decided he will construct the beautiful city of Alexandria. The sea and fresh air here are simply magical and provide loads of positive energy. Best time is one hour before sunset. Good parking available for additional cost. Menu could be a little expensive but still OK given the great atmosphere of the place.

Review №5

Food quality is good but tastes fair not so much, but the atmosphere and the vibe is soooo good, Ill visit every time when Im in Alex for sure 👍

Review №6

Very very god place and good hospitality

Review №7

View is on the sea, food and drinks are okay.But the service are the worst, the manager himself cant take a distinctive decision on his own without returning to the main HQ manager, they couldnt allow us to sit or even service us as we were 4 people, 3 of us ordered their well-known breakfast but only 1 of us got external food due to health conditions and restraints.They said that we cant even sit or being served for this case, we are considered to be foreigners from the city, but they disnt care and the manager himself said that he cant do anything abiut that, then what is the difference between him and the one who serve food when he cant take a decision concerning our case.We wont ever enter this cafe again, they lost costomers for not knowing how to take decisions.

Review №8

Good view, there is glass fence for better view of the sea, the managers were not very friendly.

Review №9

View is awesome. Food quality is normal. Cleanliness is low. I like the view but dont like the service quality 😞

Review №10

Favorite caffè, with best served breakfast, professional and caring staff.

Review №11

Great place, amazing view, nice service, good tast, affordable prices

Review №12

Adorable sea view, comfortable place.Drinks 🍸 and desserts 🍨 are amazing 👏

Review №13

Very cool place with great views of the open sea. theres a kids zone for the kids to play and have fun. FOod is not that good but definitely improving from time to time and the area is expanding quickly.beverages and desert are your way to go here with enjoy the amazing breeze of the sea and the sunset is spectacular.

Review №14

The lace is on the sea and is big one the place is busy most the time and you can find food and coffee shop, kids can play there.

Review №15

Nice clean good quality cafe also clean restroom and has kids area but prices are high for all drinks and food and kids area

Review №16

One of my favourite destination in Alex at night, the menu is very basic but its very cozy and nice and the view is beyond words ❤️

Review №17

Extremely nice on sea location, not too crowded, luckily you if you are staying directly on top of the sea with stunning breathing and great view.Inexpensive breakfast offer, yet extras are costly.

Review №18

My preferred place at all every vacation i loved to stay there almost day 😊

Review №19

An Okay place, service is kind of slow, prices can be better

Review №20

The staff was very helpful and nice with us.It has an amazing view of sea💙💙

Review №21

Beautiful place to watch sunset and to enjoy the cool weather of Alexandria

Review №22

Very bad and slow service with very high prices for orders.

Review №23

Worst pizza ever soggy burnt at the bottom flavorless , very low maintainance, staff are nice but you have to call them many times to order.Location is nice but all the above make you not enjoying it.

Review №24

I dont whether two or three stars.Food is great, sometimes making it readily for you. Half of time staff is nice and the other half of time they kind of mess with your head. One day paid with 200 bill and they insisted it was 100 ... Other days they ask you three times whether you rly want the coffee you just ordered (like the simplest one available! Which everyone orders all the time. Turkish coffee.) (Today a waiter asked whether I want my turkish coffee with freaking nutella!! After I said sugar quite a few times.)So really mixed experiences. The view is perfect though.Giving it three stars because .. i dont know. It is a memorable place and I gotta the change for the 200 bill after insisting long enough.

Review №25

The best place to sit infront of sea and calm place and the food is good

Review №26

Astonishing view of the seaService are friendly but need to be more trained

Review №27

Very good service and excellent view

Review №28

Amazing view,suitable prices but very bad service

Review №29

Perfect place to watch sunset with the view and the sound of the waves ,, nice prices , loved the atmosphere and staff ,, yet I wish there will be more stuff to concentrate with the clients as the place always crowded .

Review №30

The most incredible thing ever is the view of the sea 🌹♥️

Review №31

Very slow serviceHigh pricesLow quality

Review №32

The Quality of drinks is so bad the place full of cats and mosquitos

Review №33

Great spot , not costly

Review №34

The view is breathtaking.. Prices are good and the quality is great.. Very recommended

Review №35

Very nice place, good varieties, clean,good service, and moderate to expensive price.

Review №36

A great view and a clean place.Service is not so good and needs more improvements.

Review №37

The drinks & food taste very bad ...the only feature there is the view

Review №38

Sea view was good but food was awful

Review №39

Staff are nice. View is amazing. A parking is nearby. Food is good and have a lot of varieties

Review №40

The view was amazing, but regarding the food the portions were very small for a group of people, the food taste was ok not the best in Alexandria, but i recommend it for the view

Review №41

Best time to enjoy and take in the view is before noon ...less crowded .Note the background music is less louder than other cafés

Review №42

Its as good as any Cafe in the area.. its quite pricey.

Review №43

On the beach, Good price and parking available

Review №44

Nice view, quite place

Review №45

Great view and good drinks

Review №46

The view is the best thing in this place....The food is not good and over priced... the deserts really feel cheap and taste cheap....Some of the staff are unprofessional and rude....

Review №47

Incredible sea view, rich menu.

Review №48

Excellent view of the sea🌊Clean food with reasonable price.The service might be a bit slow due to its extended space.Plus theres kids area 🙈I highly recomend it for quick traveller. As its minutes away from railway station.

Review №49

Nice sea view with helpful staff, can have breakfast lunch dinner & desert there, just there was no tissue in the toilet

Review №50

Expensive for the quality served ,, orders were changed 3 times cause they were not what we ordered,, dont go in feasts or Ramadan

Review №51

We visited at a working day at 10.June.2019 in Morning. The weather was fantastic, with sea view setting and air pass by your face. That was amazing feeling. The coffee have kids area which cost 20 EGP for 30 minutes. The items price is a little expensive but the experience worth the visit.You cant park here, so if you are coming by a car, you can park the other side of the street and pass by the tunnel.

Review №52

Great view , suitable prices

Review №53

Nice view, friendly staff a bit unprofessional. Food quality is good but can be better.

Review №54

A good place to go to but they need to increase the quality of there food to give them 5 stars

Review №55

Nice view and clean place but very bad service and attitude two successive times

Review №56

Amazing view. Food & drinks were very good. Staff was nice & helpful.You will enjoy your time

Review №57

Very expensive compared to low service and quality.

Review №58

Food was delayed l, but the waiters are nice.

Review №59

Excellent place with sunset view and contains delicious food with friendly staff

Review №60

Very nice friendly atmosphere... the nice view of the sea is lovely... they have nice variety of places to sit... service is not so much... but not so bad ... I didnt notice any special food or drink but its ok

Review №61

Good service, nice atmosphere, lovely view of the sea, but a bit exaggerated prices!

Review №62

Nice place with excellent service and beautiful view

Review №63

Appreciate staff efforts , really have a great view on sea , also the menu not expensive and without any minimum charge and also ZERO service, only pay your order and VAT taxes 14%, also have parking beside the cafe

Review №64

Very nice Cafe located right next to the beach. Nice winds and view. Has a variety of foods and drinks.

Review №65

Exaggerated prices this year although the food&drinks have the same old 50% quality. For a nudel dish, pizza and couple of drinks we paid 500LE

Review №66

I loved so much so as my kids. What I loved most is that I felt like sitting in the sea. The place is charming and the staff are well trained. The food cabinet are so stylish and well designed. I actually loved it.

Review №67

Very nice comfty place with great location overlooking the see

Review №68

Excellent location just by the sea but the service is terrible.Yet the view and the open air seating would be worth it.

Review №69

I recommend the place ,its very comfy and warm , nice spot on the sea 🤍

Review №70

Amazing place but they must improve their service

Review №71

Good place for relaxing , great view

Review №72

Very bad one. I order pizza and it was below good .juice was hot and they take for ever to bring it with artificial test where it suppose to be natural. The cost was high for low quality service.

Review №73

Amazing view, but food not good enough

Review №74

Its a very nice place but...the orders comes late...but the place is great

Review №75

Came at 830 am for breakfast said we couldnt order breakfast for another hour. Bill was 100.32. Only gave me 95 in change out of a 200. Also made us wait for 30 mins for two smoothies.

Review №76

Love this place, its huge with swings groups seats available just needs proper fans for the days where its unbearably hot...the kids playing area is extremely sunny as well

Review №77

(Rati republic) The worst place to visit if you want to have a breakfast by the sea , I waited for 45 minutes before someone came and take our order, and again 45 minutes to bring us 2 cappuccino and 2 croissant.Croissant was such nightmare raw from inside and of course no manager or supervisor to make a complaint.

Review №78

They have a wonderful view. But the service is slow and the quality of bavarege isnt very good

Review №79

Miserable service, underage staff, disgusting toilets, and the food wasnt worth it. Hard pass.

Review №80

The view is great, the location on Alexs corniche. Service is good.. I recommend it to be my friends.

Review №81

Service is bad, I tried to change cheese cake because it is not good and not fresh but they refused

Review №82

Their food is nice and tastes good and also they apply the corona saftey rules

Review №83

Beatiful view even at evening 🌆Take time to bring you menu 🤷‍♂️Like this location , view , decoration

Review №84

A good sea view.. but service is very bad..

Review №85

Exteremly beautiful sea view but also not sheepAnd the serves wasnt that much

Review №86

I love it, the tranquility, the coffee quality, the staff is unbeatable👌

Review №87

It has a very nice sea view but I didnt like their grilled chicken meal with mashroo sauce .the rice was cold , the chicken breast wasnt cooked well .

Review №88

View is amazingFood and service is not so good

Review №89

Pizza was good and juices were very good also

Review №90

Good service and delicious food

Review №91

Great view, reasonable prices

Review №92

We tried some food and desserts it was good and cheap. But the place was very crowded and the lights went out twice and it took like an hour for the it to come on.

Review №93

Food and service are average, nice view.

Review №94

The view is amazing there and the service was not bad

Review №95

Great cafe with exceptional view directly on the fabulous Alexandria sea. Shisha is great and food is excellent. Highly recommended if you are looking in a quick visit to Alexandria as it is very close to Alexandria-Cairo highway and also to the famous Bibliotheka Alexandrina.

Review №96

Good location but high price

Review №97

Good food good view nice drinks and high quality shisha

Review №98

Lovely place but should be cheaper. Kids area

Review №99

Its a bit expensive for the not so fancy service they have.

Review №100

Nice place but kinda expensive

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  • Address:6W8C+5J3, Al Ibrahimeyah Bahri WA Sidi Gaber, Bab Sharqi, Alexandria Governorate, Egypt
  • Site:
  • Phone:+20 127 000 6676
  • Restaurant
  • Coffee shop
Working hours
  • Monday:9AM–11:59PM
  • Tuesday:9AM–11:59PM
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